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Selected by our curators: Tomasz Piars

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Walter's cube

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Art Market Budapest


Anna Eszter Toth
Robert Farkas
Gyula Sagi
Melinda Mátyás
Mirjam Siim
Adam Dora
Judit Horváth Lóczi
Márton Dés
Lavor Collective

Fairs, shows & festivals

Tallinn Photomonth 2019
Tallinn Photomonth | Tallinn, Estonia
5 September–2 November
Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art
Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant | Ekaterinburg, Russia
11 September–30 November
Cross Culture Festival. 14th Edition
Cross Culture Festival | Warsaw, Poland
17 September–21 September
Art Encounters Biennial 2019
Art Encounters Biennial | Timisoara, Romania
19 September–26 October
Art Safari Bucharest 2019
Oscar Maugsch Palace | Bucharest, Romania
26 September–5 October

Art Advisory

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Free advisory for art lovers

ArtConscious offers buyers free art advisory services. Talk to our our team of curators!
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Art advisory for the trade

Rent or buy inspiring artworks and re-energise your office space, hotel or restaurant.
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Commission an artist

In the art history many masterpieces were born as a commissioned work. Let us help you maintaining the tradition.
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