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The Chemistry Gallery

Established: 2008
Prague 7
Czech Republic

member since: 2019


The Chemistry Gallery is a young dynamic creative institution dedicated to the serious commercial and professional presentation of the works of contemporary young artists from the Czech Republic, and also from abroad.

The aim of The Chemistry Gallery is to contribute to mutual understanding and interaction between the world of contemporary visual art and the public and evoke interest in young modern art and new artistic trends, movements and creative concepts.

The philosophy of The Chemistry Gallery is the systematic, long term support of, and co-operation with, selected young artists. Within the framework of its own activity as curators The Chemistry Gallery is looking for talented artists across artistic genres and media of artistic expression, with which it can build and develop artistic co-operation, exhibitions and expert critical reflection on their artworks

Ovenecká 17

Prague 7

Czech Republic

+ 420 702 164 900


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