You were born into a family of artists. In what ways did this factor influence you to be engaged with art today?

When I was in middle school, my mother saw that I loved drawing and therefore, she placed me in a drawing school, that in reality, was a preparation for the Secondary School of Fine Arts. When my application was not successful for either drawing nor sculpture, I decided to become an architect. This was rather a bad idea, because apart from drawing and history, I was not very good in my other subjects. I remember in third grade, I even wanted to leave school, but I stayed enrolled after all. My mom, after my graduation, pushed me towards the MOME, but I resisted and I said I did not want to paint. Instead, I wished to study 3D modeling. This direction did not work out either because all I failed in mathematics, programming, and microeconomics in the first three years at the only university (Gábor Dénes Collage) which offered this course. At the same time, as an entrepreneur, through my mom (who is a photo artist), I worked and retouched her photos on her computer. I designed catalogues for her clients, for which she made the photos. Later on, when I worked as an employee at a webdesigner company, I started to create paintings in my free-time. I tried various styles, since I had always been interested in how a painting could be made. Then I managed to win, with one of my graphics, at a T-shirt contest, and this made me realize that I could work with this, instead of webdesign or even instead of animation.

The stronger elements of your portfolio were created in the fields of applied art, graphics, animation and webdesign. How hard or how easy was it for you, as an open-minded creative artist, to give birth to your commercial projects?

When the parameters are given, I love working in brackets. In my paintings, in the animations and in the sculptures I create, there is always a common point: I always view my creations with pragmatism. If there is a problem, I need to figure out the most beautiful and best solution. Naturally, in a personal project, it is easier to create freely, but I feel that I can always find beauty in the challenges arising, even in applied art.

Is there one particular artistic way or period that inspires you? Which artists’ works do you look up to?

Essentially, I love if one understands a creation immediately, what it attempts to represent, and what it intends to say. I love the contemporary painters of today, like Fehér László’s works for instance, but my favorite period is pop-art, and more specifically Roy Lichtenstein’s works.

The modes of expression, visual and textual, are also close to you. Please talk about your writings and your author-self!

I never thought that I would eventually write and I still find it difficult to think of myself as a writer. All began with my desire to illustrate children's’ books, but I did not receive any commissions; my wife was the one who urged me to write one myself, and so I did. What I love in writing is if I truly put myself to it, then it feels as though I was reading a story in my head and I was just copying it. It is an incredible experience, as if I were somewhere else when I write. When I re-read the text, I often feel as if I did not write it, but someone else did, also inside of me. Of course, my wife helps me a lot, she is the one who edits my texts and helps me rewrite the lines with difficulties in them. So far, I have had 3 books published by the publisher Kolibri (Clever Fox’s Tales series). Many supported me and hence we did achieve some pretty great things.

How would you present the readers with your works on ArtConscious?

The idea was simple: how can I present the objects that are valuable to me and to my generation, objects that I am attracted to through memories but that are slowly disappearing from our lives to people like me and my generation, who cherish these memories. I thought a lot about the way I could melt these objects, so as to preserve them in their present form. I really liked the process and finally, I created 9 sculptures. Among other things, I turned my grandfather’s original Rambo video cassette and an Adidas superstar shoe into sculptures. Of these objects, I am offering 4 for sale.

What are you working on at the moment and what are your plans for the rest of the year?

At the moment, I am designing a new face of a new TV channel and moreover, I am working on my new book that will guide the children to the planets of the solar system.