Why did you decide to dedicate your life to art? Have you ever done any other job then being an artist?

Dedicating my life to art was not exactly a decision I took at a certain point. The will of creating art since I was young just lead to it, till at some point I discovered myself doing it daily and managing to make a living as an artist. I had many professions before that, but I have never abandoned painting at the same time.

If you weren’t in your profession, what would you do?

Well, as I studied art of media and advertisement, I would probably do something more related to that (wide) area of creative world. I find the world of design and media very interesting and there are endless possibilities with  different skills and tools I learnt during the years of university. 

I’ve learnt art since I was little in an art orientated school and I was always eager to take part of any arts and craft activities. During high school I attended another art school for several years. After finishing high school and the art school aside, I was not quite sure what I want to continue studying, so I went off travelling. During my travels I kept painting and earned some money by selling my art on the streets of Spain and England. 

After that and working in different cities for a couple of years, I decided to return to Estonia to start my studies at Tartu Art College. During four years of studying I spent one year at Portu University and did internships both in Estonia and Portugal. 

What really helped my career as an artist to get started (and get myself motivated) was participating in different art competitions and exhibitions in different places. 

I think it’s also useful that I am not too concentrated just on one specific technique. The fact that I studied media design taught me many new ways to express myself and I love to apply my paintings and illustrations in projects mixed with graphic design, street art, animation etc. This keeps me open to a much wider work field and it is also a  great way to constantly carry on developing my skills, even if some work opportunities are out of my comfort zone. 

How does your daily working routine look like?

Since a year ago my daily working routine has been turned upside down, with the birth of my daughter. Though I mostly dedicated my time and energy to her now, I can’t stay away from painting for long - I got busy doing that when she was only a few weeks old. A good way to take advantage of her long naps. By now she spends most of the time awake, of course, but as soon as I get her down for a nap, I come to my office and start working. Besides that I have a lot of helping hands with her, so that always gives me a couple of hours in the afternoon to do some painting or take care of other needed work chores. 

How do you usually start a new art piece and how do you overcome creative blocks?

Starting a new art piece is the most difficult part of my work for me, especially if there has been a longer break. The best thing is usually to improvise and just paint, paint and paint till the ideas get going and the paintings start taking some shape. Once I get going, it is a lot easier and I just enjoy the process and the more I create, the more ideas continue popping into my head. 

Do you have hobbies?

My favourite hobby is hiking and taking long walks in nature. 

What is your most treasured possession?

My daughter.