Could you tell us the mission of Lavor Collective? What is your main goal?

For us, art is communication on the language of emotions, which gives us the possibility to emotionally charge and boost spaces. We believe that art plays an important role in the development of the mind, which is a crucial element in the emotional evolution of society. To converse with a piece of art is like experiencing the catharsis of soul and mind. Our goal is to start this conversation.

How many artists do you work with and how do you select them?

Currently, we work with 20 artists. While selecting the artists we search for sincerity, authenticity and an opportunity for development. The most important for us is that the artworks trigger some determining feelings in us.

You have an online database and an art collection as well. How do you manage your artists?

It is important for us to provide our artists with ample room, thus we collaborate with everyone on individually customised terms. By representing our collection we strive to inspire other companies to start their own collections. Additionally, we have created our online database in order to make our collection more transparent and to facilitate certain decision-making processes.

You offer art consultancy services to both individuals and companies. What is the most exciting part of the journey you go through with them while working together

The most interesting thing is to find the suitable artwork for a specific environment. When something really works, artwork and space create a symbiosis and a new dimension opens. We are always looking for harmony.

What are the main challenges that emerging artists have to deal with in Hungary right now? What could change it?

The ’emerging artist’ in Hungary today is more like a ’surviving artist’. There is not enough international exposure which could provide for a means of living for the artists, hence the creation of these channels should be primarily focused on.

What would be your advice on starting an art collection?

Shortly: ’Stop thinking, start feeling’. We encourage everyone to pay attention to their feelings while observing a piece of art. The goal is not to understand it, but to immerse themselves in it and to try to discover their own personality which could later be reflected in their own collection.

Lavor Collective