Your jewellery combines steel and string art. How did you come up with the concept?

I first started experimenting with the fusion of metal and textile to create accessories while working on my diploma collection. I wanted the pieces to blend seamlessly with the clothes, to fuse the two materials.

Come to think of it, my parents’ business in the metal industry had a formative effect: I was influenced early on by what I saw in the family workshop.

I built these childhood impressions into my work, and created a brand from the marriage of string art and steel.

DELACIER equals eye-catching jewellery and accessories. Was it a conscious choice to make statement jewellery, or was it the materials that demanded a striking character?

The hard and cool metal surface is covered by a subtle, intricate web of strings. This for me perfectly embodies the woman of the 21st century: ambitious and resolute, yet gentle and sensitive at the same time. That’s how I see myself, which probably explains how I came to develop this style.

Your brand has been presented internationally, what were the highlights?

Being featured in British Vogue, the UK edition of Voix Meets Mode and Elite Monde of Dubai were proud moments. If I may add two more, the brand also appeared at the Australian Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and the Milan Fashion Week.

The BIONIC collection struck a chord with many who otherwise don’t follow Hungarian design. Can you tell us about your cooperation with athlete Réka Lukoviczki, and why you decided to ask her to model?

I have first read Réka’s story in an interview, although we come from the same town, even went to the same kindergarten. She told the story of how she lost her left leg in a severe car accident. Instead of giving up, she put all her energy into rehabilitation therapy and was soon able to walk on two legs again. Today she uses a prosthetic leg, does sports and leads a more active lifestyle than ever before. She transformed the desperation and sadness she felt after the accident into such a powerful positive energy, that she now inspires thousands through her blog, social media platforms and lectures. Her mindset and invincible will to live was a huge inspiration to me, I straight away decided to place her at the heart of my collection. Just like a prosthesis appends the body with “foreign” material, creating mutual reinforcement, the collection combines coated and chiselled steel with metallic-dyed leather; creating both aesthetic and functional unity. This remains one of the most exciting collections for me, mainly because of the ideas it expresses.

How would you describe yourself as a designer? What inspires you, what is your vision?

I strive to create timeless value, which is what this brand stands for. It’s important for me to work with people whose values and outlook I share - Réka Lukoviczki as the face of the BIONIC collection is a good example of this.

Tell us a bit about the DELACIER pieces available at ArtConscious. 

I have selected pieces to range from the understated to bold statement jewellery, with an eye to matching: if you wish to buy in set, they are easily combined.