What is ArtLabel and what are your main goals?

Could you tell us about your team and your background?

We work together as a project-based team of creative professionals. We have experience in cultural management, branding, communication, creative thinking, event organization, copywriting and social media marketing.

How many artists do you work with, and what are the most important milestones achieved so far?

At the moment we work with eight artists, students and alumni from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. We also have short-term, project-based co-operations with several artists. There are achievements that I can fondly remember: the first artists who believed in us, the first exhibition, the first sold artwork. But to me, each completed project is a milestone on its own, as each one brings us closer to our goal. I cannot even pick my favourite - a workshop, a commissioned installation, or even an exhibition from the other many. The first exhibition we made with Veronika Zelena is just as important for me as the most recent one with Fáni Polonyi.

Do you find it challenging to work as an artist manager in Hungary or in the Eastern European region? Would it be easier in the Western part of the continent?

It requires great commitment to work in the fine art world in Hungary. In London, Paris or Berlin visual art is much more integrated into one's everyday life. There is a need for art, and a large part of the work is dedicated to satisfying it. In Hungary, it’s maybe harder to prevail, as, in comparison, cultural education and consumption are lacking, and art is not as highly valued. As such a large portion of our efforts is dedicated to creating that need.

In your opinion, what is the future of the contemporary art market? How is it going to be, or should be different in the next decade? 

This is a complex question. I think the key and the most pressing issue is involvement. It’s our duty and hard lot, who work in the art market to produce a demand for our products, and for me, that means to take the first step towards the target audience, sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone for the greater good. If we do our job well, a stable secondary market, like an auction shall emerge in the future. 

For our part, we are always ready to undertake extraordinary exhibitions and programs, and thankfully we have great partners to work with.

Please tell us about your short-term goals, what sort of programs or projects do you have in mind for next couple of years?

We’re making arrangements to indulge in larger projects outside Budapest. Also, we’re negotiating partnerships to improve our output. Of course, we cannot forget about our existing program and continue our exhibitions and showcases in Budapest.

Photo credit: Melinda Dovák - Constructed canvas VI.