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Voice - U necklace

9 x 4 x 9 cm | Jewellery | 2018
silver hematite
Pieces of VOICE collection are dominated mostly by clean lines. The designer was inspired by dynamic shapes and minimalist forms of postmodern architecture. Straight lines are mixed with occasional curves. This necklace is completed with a hematite which gives the minimal shapes softness and playfulness. Size of the medal: 45mm x 10mm. Size of the hematite: 8mm x 8mm x 8mm. Length of the necklace: 55 cm. Total weight: 6g.

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Born: 1988

member since: 2018


Bianka Bori, the designer behind BORIBIANKA jewellery brand was originally an economist when she decided to follow her inner compass and passion for jewelleries and became a goldsmith. Typically, her work combines precious metals with gemstones and special minerals. Every piece of jewellery is one of a kind and handmade by her. The designer’s inspiration comes from many sources like modern architecture, minimalist design objects, specific details and textures of the surrounding nature. The design thinking of BORIBIANKA represents a mission. Every jewellery emphasizes different feelings and associations. Through the pieces Bianka manifests what she thinks about jewelleries, how can it become a precious treasure and most of all wear it as an extension of your body. Her pieces are usually deep in meaning, but some has to dive into it to understand their essence. It is also important to her that the jewelleries would have a dedicated role in customers’ life. Bianka’s work encourages women to embrace their true nature and show their power and vulnerability to the world - a BORIBIANKA jewellery can brighten up a relaxed Sunday afternoon as it can gild the most beautiful day of our life.


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