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Variation III.

70 x 40 x 3 cm | Photography | 2019
Variation III. is part of the series entitled, Variations. The diverse high buildings get transformed using the same method throughout the whole series. Thus the image of the buildings captured from different perspectives separates them into variations. This method turns the component structure into abstract and creates images similar to the organic forms of nature. I disassemble and reform the structure of the transformed buildings into new shapes. My main objective is to show the playfulness that’s hidden in our environment. A space servant to functionality loses its richness that organic systems carry.

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Born: 1988

member since: 2019


I was born in 1988 in Gyor. I'm a visual and media artist. Graduated from University of Fine Arts, as a graphic designer (2012) and as an art teacher as well (2013). I won an Erasmus scholarship in 2011 to study in Dresden (Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden). I'm member of the MAMU and Hungarian Artist’s Book Associationand the Ziggurat Project member which groups are experimenting with various co-artistic collaborations. I'm fond of working with dancers or representatives of other branches of art. I took part in number of solo and group exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. More recently I'm experimenting with the relationship of painting and new media art.


2013 - Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Master in Visual Education
2011 - Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste Dresden (erasmus scholarship)
2012 - Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Specialisation in Graphic Arts
2007 - School of Dance and Fine Arts, Gyor


2018 - Residency – Tpolcany, Slovakia and performing with Ziggurat Project in Nástupište 1-12
2018 - Residency – Stockmolm, Sweden and performing with Dokter Sybrig in Weld
2017 - Ludwig Museum – Creative Europe program CAPP (Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme) | with Ziggurat Project
2017 - Placc and Scenekunst Østfold – PICTURE Budapest – Østfold c. project | Budapest Hungary Moss
and Fredrikstad Norway | with Ziggurat Project
2016 - IVF – V4 CREATIVE YOUTH | Banska Bystrica, Slovakia | with Ziggurat Project
2014 - Unicredit Young Artist scholarship
2010 - Erasmus scholarship
2010 - 3rd prize in Graphic Arts, Institutional Student Conference
2009 - For the Talented Youth Foundation prize of Gyoor
2009 - Hungarian Republican Scholarship
2009 - Menyhért Toth scholarship
2008 - For the Talented Youth Foundation prize of Gyor
2007 - For the Talented Youth Foundation prize of Gyor
2006 - National Rembrandt Competition – special prize
2005 - Scholarship of Daniel Kornel / 18th Free School of Fine Arts Istvan Szonyi
2005 - For the Talented Youth Foundation prize of Gyor


2019 - Trafo Gallery KristofLab & Ziggurat Project: Fusions, SMart project, Budapest, Hungary
2018 - K.A.S Gallery, BLOCK, Budapest, Hungary
2018 - Magyar Muhely Gallery, Budapest Pixel, Budapest, Hungary
2015 - Szep Muhely Gallery, The Two Faces of PestBuda (with Bianka Dobo), Budapest, Hungary
2015 - Bakelit Multi Art Center, FREEDOM!, Budapest, Hungary
2014 - Harom Het Gallery, VACUUM (with István Mórocz), Budapest, Hungary



2018 - Faur Zsofi Gallery, DECODE, Budapest, Hungary
2018 - MAMU Gallery, Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
2018 - Alfoldi Gallery, 65. Autumn Fair in Vasarhely, Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary
2018 - MAMU Gallery, Body’s Slim 3, Budapest, Hungary
2018 - Art Quarter Budapest, Fervere, IDEA (installation), Budapest, Hungary
2018 - MIKVE and Castle Garden, V4 Art Conects – V4 Art Connects: Structures / Illusions / Interactions, Budapest, Hungary
2018 - Karinthy Salon, I Wash My Hands – Semmelweis 200, (Hungarian Artist’s Book Association), Budapest, Hungary
2018 - Ludwig Museum, Common Affairs | Collaborative Art Projects – Arboretum, Budapest, Hungary
2017 - Zsilip, YG Art Fair, Budapest, Hungary
2017 - Latarka Gallery, Latarka Contemporary Art Fair 2017,  Budapest, Hungary
2017 - MAMU Gallery, PX, Budapest, Hungary
2017 - Oliver Bonnin Gallery, Exhibition of Hungarian Artist’s Book Association, ,Paris, France
2017 - MAMU Gallery, Space-Pictures, Budapest, Hungary
2017 - MAMU Gallery, Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
2017 - Margaret island, DUNAPEST festival, #ERROR707 – Runningteather, Budapest, Hungary
2017 - MAMU Gallery, Ugly Artworks Random II., Budapest, Hungary
2017 - Udvarhaz Gallery, Upmost Layer II., Veresegyhaza, Hungary
2017 - MUSZI Art Center, Riders on the Mall / ROM /  Budapest, Hungary
2017 - MAMU Gallery, RGB, Budapest, Hungary
2016 - MAMU Gallery, Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
2016 - MAMU Gallery, MATTER OF DECISION, Budapest, Hungary
2016 - University of West Hungary, 30 years ago, Gyor, Hungary
2016 - Ferenc Besenyei Cultural House, Reflections, Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary
2016 - MAMU Gallery, Random, Budapest, Hungary
2016 - MUSZI Art Center, After effect, Budapest, Hungary
2016 - ART&ME, The Perfect Beauty,  Budapest, Hungary
2016 - MAMU Gallery, GIF EXHIBITION,  Budapest, Hungary
2015 - Harom Het Gallery, Art as an eternal value, Budapest, Hungary
2015 - MUSZI Art Center, Private chronologies from the atelier, Budapest, Hungary
2015 - Udvarhaz Gallery, Upmost Layer, Veresegyhaza,  Hungary
2015 - Castle Museum of Nagyteteny, Exhibition of Hungarian Artist’s Book Association, Nagyteteny, Hungary
2015 - MAMU Gallery, SMS, Budapest, Hungary
2015 - Gallery of Konkuk University, Eurasian Art Festival, Seöul, Korea
2015 - MAMU Gallery, SKETCH, Budapest, Hungary
2015 - MAMU Gallery, Reflections, Budapest, Hungary
2015 - MMG, Moving Collab, Budapest, Hungary
2015 - Szepharom Gallery, Hommage à Landerer@Heckenast, Budapest, Hungary
2015 - MUSZI Art Center, After effect, ColLab, Budapest, Hungary
2014 - MAMU Gallery, Space Makers, Budapest, Hungary
2014 - Hegyvidek Gallery, Thoughts in the Library,  Budapest, Hungary
2014 - Harom Het Gallery, Variations - Moving Art Group, Budapest, Hungary
2014 - Forras Gallery, Exhibition of the Winners of Unicredit Scholarship, Budapest, Hungary
2014 - Rovas Academy, Find Your Way with Moving Art Group, Kosice, Slovakia
2014 - Varga Villa, Stop Whining - Pepper Art Projects, Budapest, Hungary
2014 - Millenaris Park, 21st International Book Festival Budapest - Hungarian Artist’s Book Association, Budapest, Hungary
2014 - University of Umeå, Hungarian and Swedish Artist’s Books - Hungarian Artist’s Book Association, Umeå, Sweden
2014 - Hegyvidek Gallery, Synaesthesia, Budapest, Hungary
2014 - MUSZI Art Center, Selection with Moving Art Group,  Budapest, Hungary
2013 - Partizan Gallery,  Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
2013 - Vaszary Picture Gallery, Book Image - Hungarian Artist’s Book Association, Kaposvar, Hungary
2013 - MUSZI Art Center, LIFE-SPACE-ART with Moving Art Group, Budapest, Hungary
2013 - Municipal Museum of Art, II. International Biennal of Drawing and Graphic Arts, Gyor, Hungary
2013 - Hegyvidek Gallery, Talking Pictures, Budapest, Hungary
2013 - Europa Gallery, Crisis, Brassov, Romania
2013 - Miklos Borsos Museum, Flying – Birds in fine arts, Gyor, Hungary
2013 - ArtMill, Art Expo FRISS, Szentendre, Hungary
2012 - PP Centre, Space as inspiration,Budapest, Hungary
2011 - Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Camera (The graphic artists are already in the pantry), Budapest, Hungary
2011 - Cifrapalota, Menyhert Toth scholarship 2000-2011, Kecskemet, Hungary
2011 - Municipal Museum of Art, I. International Biennal of Drawing and
2011 - Magia Mundi festival - Moving Art Group in the Magia Mundi festival, Nossen, Germani
2011 - Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste Dresden, Jahresausstellung - Klasse Bommels, Dresden, Germani
2011 - Mickolci Gallery, XXV. Triennial of Graphic Arts, Miskolc, Hungary
2011 - Jan Matejko Academy Of Fine Arts, Hungarians-Wengry, Krakow , Polland
2011 - Muskatstudios, Eastern European Printmakers Today, Boston (USA)
2010 - Transylvanian Art Center, I. Biennal of Graphic Arts of Transylvania, Sfântu Gheorghe Romania
2010 - Siemens Forum, Visions of the Future, Munich, Germany
2009 - Present Salon, Unaffordable Contemporary Graphic Exhibition and Fair,  Budapest, Hungary
2009 - Institution of Applied Arts, Paneuropa Picnic, Sopron, Hungary
2009 - XII International Biennial of Small Graphics and Exlibris, Ostrow Wielkopolski (PL)
2009 - Münchner Künstlerhaus, II Goldener Kentaur Art Competition, Münich, Germany
2008 - Missionart Gallery, +100 years, Budapest, Hungary
2008 - Ujpest Gallery, IX. International Biennal of Small Graphic, Budapest, Hungary
2006 - Csok Istvan Gallery, National Rembrandt Competition, Budapest, Hungary
2006 - V. National Colour print Graphics Exhibition / Triennial of Lithographies, Szekszard, Hungary

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