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The Mousetrap - REDUCTO Series #03

100 x 140 x 4 cm | Painting | 2019
To put it briefly, the figure isn't lost but it is in transforming. As well as at creating of the other pieces of my latest series REDUCTO, in this case the focus has been on the essential visualization of the compressed construction. My goal is to create a pure emotional composition which is determined by undefinable space depth, the minimalist language of "hard edge" painting and the tilting, unstable compositions founded by impacts of qualities and proportions. Also the name of my series "REDUCTO" demonstrates this: my aim is to visualize a moving scene with the help of the simplest spot-based geometry, which holds unexpected turnarounds for us and which manifests both the decadent and industrial evaporation of our age and the inventions of the twentieth-century cubism and Picasso's "calligraphic" painting.

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Born: 1975

member since: 2019


He was born in 1975 in Hungary. He studied at the School of Art & Decoration in Budapest, where he had the opportunity to meet the basics of painting alongside his first master, Ernő Tolvaly. His first series were made in a minimalist and geometric style. As a following step, realistic figures started connecting to these forms, creating a unique style in which elements of different approach don’t weaken but reinforce each other in a peculiar form of coexistence. His core element is experimenting. His series can be seen at solo and group exhibitions on a regular basis. In addition, his paintings appear on events of contemporary galleries and auction houses.

School of Art & Decoration, Budapest

Group exhibitions:

2016 Retro, Dorog, Hungary

2016  Bakelit Multi Art Center; Budapest, Hungary

2017 The Talent, MÜSZI; Budapest, Hungary

2018 The day of the Hungarian Culture, Székelyudvarhely, Romania

2018 Talent Café, Corvin Club, Budapest, Hungary

2018 The Talent Tour, Barabás Villa, Budapest, Hungary

2018 Ankert, Budapest, Hungary

2018 Wild Art, Patyolat PRÓBAÜZEM, Budapest, Hungary

2018 Outcast Europe, Pintér Gallery and Auction House, Hungary

2018 Wild Art, Szimpla, Budapest, Hungary

2018 Conversations, Wendlingen am Neckar, Germany

2018 Chili Art Fest, CSILI Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary

2018 BLITZ Galeria Spring Auction exhibition, ZSILIP, Budapest, Hungary

2018 International Art Camp Exhibition, Svodin, Slovakia

2018 Outcast Europe, International Organization of Migration/UN, Athens, Greece

2018 Pintér Gallery summer auction exhibition, Villa Vaszary, Balatonfüred, Hungary

2018 Forma Fest, Stúrovo, Slovakia

2018 Art Camp, Hotel Anna Grand, Balatonfüred, Hungary

2018 Blitz Galeria Winter Auction, Budapest, Hungary

2018 Winter Auction Exhibition, Pintér Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2018 IV. Fine Art Salon, Esernyős Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

2019 ZiggY Art Fair, Pintér Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2019 New Transdanubian Fine Art Salon, "Granary", Balatonalmádi, Hungary


Solo exhibitions:


2017 Space Real - Klauzal 13 Gallery; Budapest, Hungary

2017 "2.0" - Eötvös Gallery; Dorog, Hungary

2017 Edge Dance - Danube Museum, Esztergom, Hungary

2017 KVART - Contemporary Gallery, Dorog, Hungary

2017 NATOUR - Hotel Museum Budapest Art Gallery, Hungary

2019 Instinctual Elements - Fest;Tisztít Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

2019 REDUCTO - OTP Bank Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2019 AURA - Csili Cultural Center, Budapest


"The Talent" visual arts competition:

Special award of the jury, 2017

"Outcast Europe" fine art competition: First prize, 2018

"Art Fest CSILI"   Fine Arts contest

First Prize in painting, 2018


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