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The Beginning of Memory

56 x 56 x 3.5 cm | Painting | 2018
The idea of totems, masked hybrids and anthropomorphs is a recurrent one in my work.

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Born: 1984
United Kingdom

member since: 2019


Michal Janowski is an emerging Polish contemporary artist, currently based in London.

My first encounter with art was through Catholic imagery, particularly church art and holy pictures. These types of images instilled a sense of fear, fascination and guilt as they often depicted violent events, such as the Crucifixion, and other forms of martyrdom. Later, I was exposed to dystopian and science fiction imagery through novels and films. These different influences took root in my imagination and began to grow into something new.

Beginning from an early age, I often drew pictures that were dark, disturbing and apocalyptic, which didn’t escape the attention of my teachers. As I grew older, I began to resent the claustrophobic morals of my surrounding, so I set out to find answers to who and what I am through psychology and philosophy.  

This restless need to make sense of the world – not just around me but the emotional world that exists within me – continued throughout my formative years and continues today. It’s what drives me as an artist and painter. It’s why I continue to search the folklore and traditions of other peoples for a resolution, and why my art more recently has found its sources in shamanism, African deities, Greek and Native-American mythologies.

Above and beyond that, I’m trying to strike a balance between my intuitive urges as a painter and my rational need to impose a formal structure on my work. 

2006-09 BA(Hons) Fine Art. University of East Anglia

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2009  Robin Peters Gallery, Ipswich

Selected Group Exibitions

​2017  Perplexing Reflections,Kubik, Budapest

          Face-hiders,Latarka, Budapest

2013  2+2, Signal Gallery, London

2012  Sporf Art Gala, Sheffield

          Evolution of Consciousness, Kent

2009  International Young Art, Ipswich

          Young artists from abroad, Ipswich

          Final year exhibition, Degree Show

          Flow,Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich

          Best in Show,Suffolk Show, Ipswich ​ ​


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