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KUBAS lamp

31 x 31 x 31 cm | Furniture | 2016
repaper - brand made material based on recycled
The design of these lamps was created using our exclusive RePaper technique. These lamps prefer to be in a group. Lightweight industrial cubes replicate the texture of concrete and can be arranged both in the same or different highs. Directional light looks great in the corridor or above the bar.

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Born: 1970

member since: 2018


INDI – is Lithuanian design studio that creates an original lighting and home design objects. We work with a recycled paper technology. The material we have developed let us create designs that naturally look like made of concrete. The lightness of this material gives us freedom experimenting with shapes and forms that common concrete would be too heavy for. It allows us to obtain the extraordinary textures that look like industrial monolith, stone or concrete. Our products are registered design works in Lithuania. ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY – we recycle paper (former press publications) by chopping and milling it. Paper crumbs are left to soak for 24 hours. Then the pulp is mixed with special ingredients (glue, stiffeners, dye, etc.). Mixed blend can be used forming different shapes or covering surfaces (for decorative purposes only). It takes around 5 days to dry and to solidify. Then the surface can be polished, covered with water-based varnish or paint. The technology let us create our original designs as well as collaborate with other designers and architects. For this moment we do not provide with the material itself. We prefer personally to take part in the production process and creative projects. GREEN DESIGN – our technique is considered to be green, sustainable, environment friendly. We used only water-based ingredients (glue, paint, varnish, etc.). We solve the problem of press paper waste by making a completely new aesthetic design product that can also be recycled after its use. INDI is presented by international ECO-design community


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