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Koi carp

100 x 50 x 4 cm | Painting | 2019
Describing his personal painting style, she is working on pictures that give up classic perspective, construction of space and the traditional rules of composition. Instead, she uses diverse flat elements of the picture. The viewer’s eyes are led on horizontal and vertical directions. She chosen topics also refer to these painting methods. They are about strict circumstances influencing how people can exist in a certain spatial area. What is seen is so uncertain, reality and fiction are mixed, and the question, which the painting raises, remains opened.   In order to create this strange atmosphere, she combines constructive forms with smooth, airy surfaces and lazure effects. She would likes the viewer to feel some spatial delusion.To achieve this, she needs to be really conscious about choosing the right places to depict. The perfect scene could be described as a symbiosis of industrial and organic world, observed from an unconventional point of view. The result is like a screen that shows the basic situation through various filters layered on it.What makes the visual appearance diverse is the simultaneous presence of surrealistic, geometric, abstract and photorealistic fragments.

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Born: 1987

member since: 2019


Orsolya Lengl is a contemporary Hungarian artist. In her art she combines surreal, geometric, abstract, and photorealistic elements to diversify her visual world

2009-2014 – University of Pecs, Faculty of Fine Arts, painter

2017 – Koka Ferenc award II
2016 – Rio2016, MOB Women in summer Olympics
2015 – Szabo Dezso award I
2014 – Szabo Dezso special award
2013 – Tolvaly Ernő award III

Selected individual exhibitions

2017 – Ericson Fine Art Gallery, Budapest
2016 – Nádor art and flowers, Pécs
2015 – Through/Átszűrődve, Vörösmarty Színház, Székesfehérvár
2015 – Through/Átszűrődve, Art&Me Galéria, Budapest
2014 – Unit values/Helyi érték, Palatinus Hotel, Pécs


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