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Genuine leather hand painted pencil case

21 x 7 x 2 cm | Objects | 2019
recycled leather
Genuine leather minimal style pencil case. Black base with white hand painted details and edges. Made out of leather cutting waste. Size: Height: 7 cm (2.75 inches) Width: 21 cm (8.3 inches)

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Established: 2017

member since: 2019


The concept of the MIMIKRI brand is turning old leather garments into high quality, one-of-a-kind designer bags and accessories. Each piece is made out of recycled material : vintage leather coats, pants, skirts or leather cutting waste. Each piece is handmade and unique, rejuvenated with special techniques like heat press, laser cut and hand paint – giving every item a new chance. 

"We believe in leather: this is a highly durable material not losing its value in the course of time. On the contrary: it becomes more and more precious as time goes by."

Krisztina Nagy, the designer of the brand has graduated from Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design as a Textile Designer. In 2018 she won a Hungarian design scholarship named after Kozma Lajos with MIMIKRI and the recycled leather collection.


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