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F¨¨¨k patriarchy

300 x 150 x 1 cm | Painting | 2018
100% cotton
Criticism of the patriarchy society

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Born: 1982

member since: 2019


Abel Burger lives and works between Berlin and Port-Vendres: the capital that we know and a small town by the sea where she anchored after long journeys.

For a while, in Paris and the United States, she was part of the underground scene, recognized for the originality and spontaneity of his writing (poetry) but also for the quality of his short films.
She does not attend any art school. Autodidact therefore; Without ignoring the forms and the rhetoric, she stays away from the contemporary art scene and refocuses her work in a visual space. Abel works hard, daily, on free canvas or on paper, affirming a very personal expression that makes painting and writing coexist.
Abel works hard and on music. Excluding any categorization, she
twirls like a free electron, between paintings, drawings and texts.
Abel digs the intimate and the opaque space of the unspoken, axes that articulate his work. She tells the lives of others. Recently, during an artistic residency (Berlin Art Institute,The Village Berlin), she spent several months producing portraits of people met on social networks: Facebook, Tinder (Lost and Found projects followed by "Beautiful Weirdos").
QUEER / Weirdo; Abel comes and goes in the world, asks the questions of gender, masculinities, identity, questioning the brutality and violence of a world in / of mutation.
Solicited by L'Isba for a solo show, Abel seizes the opportunity of this card
white to refocus with modesty a very personal hunt that involves principles
elements of survival : hunt down, expel, kill ghosts wandering their painful silhouettes but also preserve some tamed demons seized in the beauty of the moments  she lived.


2018 - 2019 : Instinct Berlin - questioning identities, masculinities and gender
2018 : Berlin Art Institute - project “Lost and Found”


2019 : art book published in “Voix Editions” spring 2019
2018 : painting review & poetry “Handcastle” magazine, Boston, USA
2016 : fiction “Roches Noires” under review at “La Contre Allée” editions
2015 : scenario “Finesite” handed to the french actress Fanny Ardant
2013 : Novel “Beef” in Walrus editions
2012 : creation “Arrrgh” magazine & published texts, Paris
2012 : novel in Branded magazine, Paris
2011 : poetry, literature magazine “La main Blanche”, Paris
2010 : novel “12 cordes” Antidata editions, Paris
2009 : poetry in “La revue des 100 voix”, Paris

2019 : Solo show, galerie “L'Isba”, Perpignan, 19/6 2019
2019 : Solo Show, Garten114, Berlin, 6/6 2019
2019 : Collective Show, GIFT Hotel Paris Berlin, 9/5 2019
2019 : Collective show, Instinct Berlin, 18/04 2019
2018 : Beautiful Weirdo, 11/12 2018
2018 : Lost and found exhibition, Green House, berlin, august
2014 : Writing performance, Lab galerie Artyfact, Paris
2012 : “Rodeo” reading at “La Mutinerie”, queer & alternativel place, Paris
2012 : Vjing at “La Mutinerie”
2011 : “Flux tendu”, editorial perf at La Maison des Metallos, Zinc editions
2010 : performance organized by the city of Paris “24 heures d'écriture”

2014 : film director of “Metamorphosis” short film, Paris
2012 : creation of a transdisciplinary collective “La Meute” Paris

Interview to come, Kaltblut Magazine (En)
Interview Vent sud magazine, winter 2018 (Fr)
Article Art Majeur Occitanie summer 2018 (Fr) 
Interview BaronMag (Fr)
​Interview NeonPajamas (Eng)


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