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Ema With Flowers

70 x 50 x 4 cm | Photography | 2015
inkjet print on archival photo paper
This photograph is an homage to the painting "Ema With Flowers" done by the famous Serbian painter Milan Konjovic, in Paris in 1931.

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Born: 1987

member since: 2018


Milica Mrvic is a photographer and art director based in Budapest, Hungary. Her work remains on the borderline of commercial and fine art photography. Her signature style combines playfulness, rich colors, charming wittiness, absurd humor, as well as her great attention to detail.

Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Photography, 2011

Milica Mrvic has had two solo exhibition (Culinary Crumbs and Safari) and participated in numerous group exhibitions around Europe. From 2013 to 2014 she worked as the editor of the web portal of the magazine for the culture of photography ReFoto, and as a member of the editorial board of its printed edition. She has held several lectures and workshops on photography. She won first prizes with her work Culinary Crumbs on 4th World Biennial Of Student Photography (2011) in Novi Sad and on BOOKILL Fest (2012). This work has also been published in special issue of Cafe-Creme Magazine, Luxembourg, on European Photography at the occasion of its 30 years of existence. She is a member of ULUPUDS, Serbia and of Studio of Young Photographers, Hungary since 2015. Currently lives and works in Budapest.

International Photography Magazine - Milica Mrvic, Safari. Link:


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