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90 x 60 x 5 cm | Painting | 2017
Mundane moments, “disappearing” scenes, such as the everyday events of rural life are seized for the future, changing world. These are among others the already rare sight of a grandma feeding chicken or herding pigs, the figure of an elderly lady wearing a nylon home-gown leaving for grocery shopping with the aid of a bike, the grocery store, the liquor store, the couple dibbling plants in sweatpants (who could also be the modern adaptation of Jean-François Millet’s ‘Potato Planters’ from 1861-62). Kata creates archives for people living in the metropolis by preparing an imprint of the era of the Hungarian countryside, which fix easily understandable circumstances and sometimes grotesque situations by way of bright and simple colors and shapes.

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Born: 1980

member since: 2019


Kata Bereczki portrays everyday scenes that almost everyone experiences and which can be found in everyone’s photo albums, but with different people.'

The artist chooses simple, mundane scenes as the focus of her works, moments that anyone, anywhere experiences. These moments are experienced differently by distinct people, individuals and souls. However, they are connected through these similar events, experiences faced with different emotions. The painted image itself triggers different feelings from everyone, as each individual projects their own experiences and private life-events onto the depicted scene.

2006-2011 | Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Budapest, Hungary - Masters: Dora Maurer, Eszter Radak

2005-2006 | University of Pecs, Institute of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Pecs, Hungary - Master: Laszlo Valko

2003-2005 | Secondary School of Fine Arts in Obuda, Painting, Budapest, Hungary - Masters: Gabor Rosko, Jozsef Baksai


Solo Exhibitions:

2019 | Tales of My Life, Deak Palace, Budapest, Hungary

2018 | Section, Hal Koz Gallery, Debrecen, Hungary

2017 | Castle Museum, Simontornya, Hungary

2016 | Faceless Moments, Kubik, Budapest, Hungary

2016 | Kindl Kupola Gallery, Tamasi, Hungary

2015 | Conservation, “Old School” Recreation Building and Library, Nagykovacsi, Hungary

2012 | Berlinspirations, Muterem Gallery, Debrecen, Hungary

2012 | Light-Thread-Figure, MONO Gallery, Budapest

2011 | Erika Redei Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary

2011 | Bistro Deryne, Budapest, Hungary

2010 | Zsofi Faur Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2010 | Watch the birdy, Alkoholos Filc Cafe, Budapest, Hungary

Art Fairs:

2018 | Art Market Budapest, Hungary

2013 | Art Catania, Italy

2012 | Art Market Budapest, Hungary

2010 | Art Market Budapest, Hungary Awards

2012 | UniCredit Talent Program Scholarship

2011 | E.ON Hungária Scholarship, Berlin, Germany

2011 | Amadeus Scholarship

2010 | Amadeus Award of the Art Collectors' Club and the Amadeus Foundation

2010 | Amadeus Scholarship

2010 | Jari Vilén Prize, Ari Kupsus Gallery

Artworks in Collections: 

E.ON Hungaria Ltd.

UniCredit Bank

K&H Bank Ltd.

Volgyi-Skonda Contemporary Art Collection

LAVOR Collective Art Collection

Ashes and Diamonds Magazine


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