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215 x 145 x 15 cm | Painting | 1984
acrylic on canvas
This work is part of a series called 'Blurred lines/Fluid matters', which touches on the sensitive topic of gender and its various forms. My main score for this series was to somehow interpret my thoughts on this matter, mainly that gender cannot be reduced to only two opposite points (male and female), there is so much in between and out. Everybody should experience their gender as they please, thus my main standing point was to discover and reveal what is gender itself. A fluid mass that could change and transform every day, week, year, throughout a lifetime.

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Born: 1994

member since: 2018


Dóra Ivonn Paulovics is a leather designer and artist, born and raised in Budapest. Art in general – especially fine arts, such as painting – has been deeply affecting her life from a young age. She started developing a great interest in applied art in high school, mainly in leather design. Later she studied textile design (leather and print design) at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Currently she is a freelance designer. She is very much concerned both in her private life and her works with the relations of design and actual issues of the world, such as societal questions, the connection between shape and body, both constructed and deconstructed. Besides her passion for applied art, her love for fine arts is still prominent in her works. The fusion of fine arts and fashion design is what truly motivates her, with internal or external messages of and about the world. Throughout her high school studies, she took part of various exhibitions, such as ’ESSENCE’ in Széphárom Gallery, a private show in Kugler Art Salon. Her 2017 collection named ’BLURRED LINES / FLUID MATTERS’ deals with the sensitive and important issue of gender and gender fluidity, which collection is a set of sculptural shoe and handpainted pattern designs. Parts of this collection had been put on view in an experimental shoe exhibition, ’CIPŐMÁGIA/SHOE MAGIC’, curated by VirtualShoeMuseum and shown in Műcsarnok in September 2017, along with many other artists, both from the applied art and fine art spectrum.


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