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In my Studio III

102 x 102 x 4 cm | Painting | 2016
Outside and inside illusion

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born: 1957

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since: 2018

Lajos Sejben is a Hungarian contemporary artist, painter and sculptor. He was born on 1957 and currently lives in Szeged, Hungary. He is a self-taught artist and a member of several professional artist associations. He started his artistic career with Art Informel oil paintings, which were connected with the ideology of Jean Dubuffet. He is interested in spontaneous imagination and abstract forms. Since the 90-s he has been creating sensitive paper prints. In his works Lajos Sejben uses a traditional collage technique and different plant elements which are implemented into his paintings. The mixture of traditional floral motives and contemporary abstract manner makes his style very recognizable. In the past years he has been making sculptures as well.


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