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Ex Futura_001

50 x 80 x 2.5 cm | Photography | 2017
"EX FUTURA In the mathematical formula of the humankind the unknown number is the human itself. This fact makes us to try to describe ourself again and again because human being is endless questioning and doubting. In my photo seria I created ‘tarot cards’ to predict the future. On my images the archetipes of the future like ‘the infant’ ‘the vulnerable’ and ‘the anxious’ are visible. These sense based caracters comes from my empiric feelings of being today’s youth. The youth wich grown up in the illusion of endless opportunities and in a permanent war with itself. This generation denies all the old religions, but always looks for new spiritual connections. The new God is nameless and faceless like we are in this global individualist era. The new identity is not based on the harmony of body and soul duo but the the trio of body, soul and the virtual persona. I think if I would like to predict the future, at first I have to try to describe the generation wich will make the big decissions in the future. In this photo seria I tried to summarize the everyday emotions of my generation."

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born: 2002

Works sold here: 0
since: 2018

Oxana Sztrehalet is an artist of Russian origin. The effects of personality, self-knowledge and personal past are the subjects that she has embraced over the years.


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