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50 x 80 x 2.54 cm | Photography | 2016
not framed | not signed | ed. no.:
"EFFECTUM Finding the root causes of our failures is the key to understanding them. That was the reason why I began to observe my recurring negative experiences. I soon came to the conclusion that my constant state of defeat began from my parents’ own childhood traumas, which in turn originated from their parents and so on. My conceptual photography series was inspired by the lingering effects of childhood on my adult personality. While taking the photos I relived painful childhood memories, which allowed me to grow into a healthy, woman emerging into adulthood. An attempt at breaking this inevitable chain of traumatic events began with photographing this series. Even though the series was inspired by my own personal experiences captured in photographs, it speaks to any adult plagued by hurt remaining from their childhood. Familiar characteristics include depression, dependence, insecurity, disassociation, staying at a safe distance and the carrying of burdens, which tend to go unnoticed by many, even those who carry them. Childhood determines who we will become as adults, therefore every parent is responsible for much more than the physical well-being of their child; they are accountable for their child’s spiritual and mental health as well. Disregarding this, unsuccessful marriages, dependence, fears and aggression are all passed on from one generation to the next until one person ceases to do so by making a conscious decision to prevent further harm. BA DIPLOMA MASTER PIECE AT UNIVERSITY OF KAPOSVAR"
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Oxana Sztrehalet

born: 2002

Works sold here: 0
since: 2018

Oxana Sztrehalet is an artist of Russian origin. The effects of personality, self-knowledge and personal past are the subjects that she has embraced over the years.