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Maslow II.

60 x 60 x 5 cm | Painting | 2017
not framed | not signed | ed. no.:
After Judit Loczi’s art language turned towards the geometrical hedge-edge, it did not take a long a long time for her to make experiment with formatted canvas, too. The first matured art series of this experiment is manifested in a series called Maslow, that was inspired by the visual image of the Maslow pyramid and the transparent factuality of human needs. The precisely structured elements, lines and grids symbolize the physical world, referring to the rationality of the math graphs stabile, unshakeable, stabile base, in the middle of this there is always the triangle with its sacral notions. (Marta Eva Frank)
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Judit Horvath

born: 1981

Works sold here: 0
since: 2018

Judit Horvath Loczi is a Budapest based contemporary artist. Her art is full of playfulness and orderly preciseness at the same time. Her toolbar is diverse: besides classical materials, she likes to discover and use unordinary things. In her artworks, she likes to explore the colored reflections of light and shadow. As inspiration, she always uses situations from everyday life or a personal story which she paints in an extremely abstract way and visualizes with basic geometrical forms. That is the way how she processes the events of her life, how she releases tensions, how she reminds herself of happy moments. Every artwork is a page of a diary. In 2004 she started as a landscape architect and began her career in this field but soon she found out that the artistic relations of landscape architecture would not satisfy her needs. Between 2004 and 2007 I attended Budai Artschool. She also completed a marketing design course during this period and later between 2005 and 2007 she finished a Colour Dynamics and Engineering training at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. This last one is exceptionally important in her life because of her master-teacher: Tamas Konok, who had been her mentor and helper on her professional way. From 2010 to 2011 she studied art management, exhibition organizing and other trades of being a curator at Werk Academy. From 2011 to 2014 she attended and successfully completed a Visual Representation Art (Graphic Art) course at Budapest Metropolitan University. Since then she became an associate member of the Society of Hungarian Painters, Hungarian Artist’s Book Association and the Association of Hungarian Artists. Several artists have had an influence on her professional career, e.g.: Tamas Konok, Janos Megyik, Imi Knoebel, Istvan Haasz or Louise Nevelson. She actively applies for local and foreign prizes, awards and competitions (she exhibited in Venice, Milano, New York and in London as well). From 2008 she continuously takes part in group and solo exhibitions and visit Art Camps. Her paintings were awarded Barcsay Prize in 2015. This prize is given annually to Hungarian painters under the age of 35. In 2017 she got qualified at the Budapest Art Mentor program, and in 2018 she is one of the 10 winners of the Hungary Emerging art contest. In the past few years, a sort of settling can be experienced in her works. Her new series of art contains shaped canvases, laser-cut wood panels, therefore, they construct a path between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space. In the future she plans to go on and investigate the perforated surfaces and its shadows and the meeting-points and contingency of painting and extensity. AWARDS: 2015 Barcsay Jeno award Barcsay Fine Arts Foundation, Szentendre, Hungary 2015 Prize of Tihany municipality 12th Balaton Tarlat, national fine art biennale, Balatonalmadi, Hungary 2015 National Scientific Students’ Association Conference BKF, Budapest, Hungary INSPIRATION: everyday life situations, personal stories GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, United Kingdom. Barcsay-award, Barcsay Jeno Museum, Szentendre, Hungary. 2015 Maschienenmensch, Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj Napoca, Romania. Prophets / False prophets, Panel Contemporary (Faur Zsofi Gallery), Budapest, Hungary. Who art you? 4, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy. Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenale, Venice, Italy. 2014 Summer exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, United Kingdom. Necromonicon, Latarka Galery/Polish Institute, Budapest, Hungary. 2013 V. International Artist-Book Exhibition, City Gallery-Deak Collection, Székesfehérvár, Hungary. SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Metaphrase, ART&ME Gallery, Budapest, Hungary. 2013 Clouds and Boxes, Tranzit Art Cafe, Budapest, Hungary. 2011 One Box Art, Loffice Budapest, Budapest, Hungary. Green, Werk Academy, Budapest, Hungary. COLLECTIONS: International Artist Book Collection, Szekesfehervar, Hungary MEMBERSHIPS 2016 - Present Hungarian Artist Community, Budapest, Hungary 2015 - Present Hugarian Artist’s Book Association, Budapest, Hungary 2014 - Present Society of Hungarian Painters, Budapest, Hungary