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65 x 95 x 5 cm | Photography | 2018
"Kristjan" is one of the 6 works of the project called "Machine people". I took six portraits of people working in the customer service sector. In addition, I recorded sound using machines that are characteristic of that environment. In the process, I interviewed employers and employees. Many employees said that their rights have been violated, they are not treated according to law when receiving envelope wage from their employers. As a result people get paid less for their sick- and annual leave. For women workers the envelope wage causes problems when planning parenthood. Employers say that it is not possible for them to pay the whole wage as a declared salary, because that would result in financial loss. People are treated like machines. Attitude towards employees is often irresponsible. When paying workers undeclared salary, they do not receive the accurate wage and social guarantees that should be granted for them.
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born: 1986

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since: 2018

Elo Strauss was born in Rakvere, Estonia in 1986. She began her higher studies in Baltic Film and Media School majoring in sound engineering. However, soon after entering the school she felt that this wasn't something she wanted to do on a daily basis in the future. She decided to leave BFM and proceeded to think, experiment, and explore in order to discover what really interests and excites her. After 11 months of non-stop work and burn out as a result, she focused only on the things that fed her spirit. Tons of music, movies, photography experiments, and books in a pile on the living room - this was her path to discover photography as her passion. After this, she knew that her path must continue in the Estonian Academy of Arts and that decision played an important part of her growth and provided her with numerous opportunities. Strauss graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in spring 2018. At the moment she is working as a freelance photographer and developing her new art projects.