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Hook DEER black

7.5 x 5 x 7.5 cm | Homeware |
This hook can be used in combination with other same collection hooks, which are of different sizes, different colours and different metals. Can be used in multiple settings including the entrance hall, bedroom and kitchen.
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born: 2015

Works sold here: 0
since: 2018

The mission of NAMUOS (in english it means TO BE AT HOME) is functionality, quality and simplicity. NAMUOS products are of exclusive quality for home, hotel or restaurant, created by Lithuanian designers and for affordable price. This design studio offer you what you are looking for – elements of simply shaped design inspired by nature and achieved by using natural colours and environmentally friendly materials. Wood, clay, brass warmed by the hands of an artisan can become a small detail of the interior, a symbol which brings happiness and a warm feeling. Each product is created for NAMUOS label and made exclusively in Lithuania. NAMUOS was founded in 2015 by Rasa Kolesnikovaite. Rasa always is searching for perfection seeking to create a visually intellectual home. Her philosophy – there should not be too many things in the home, and each of them should have a clear intended purpose, be aesthetic, of good quality and made from natural materials. About designer Barbora Adamonyte-Keidune Barbora is the developer of the product design. Her focus is the quality of the idea, ergonomic structure and the use of knowledge for new objects and projects. Her creative work has been recognised by the RedDot Design Concept Award, Good Design Prize and other important awards, which encourage her to think, create and realise her ideas further.