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Tobias Kaspar: The Estate / Autumn


Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Riga | Latvia

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Kim? is pleased to announce the opening of the second chapter AUTUMN of Tobias Kaspar’s THE ESTATE on Thursday, October 31 at 6 pm.

Unlike SUMMER, the first part of the four season cycle which took place during the summer in the off-site location in Salacgrīva parish in form of a fictional collectors house, for AUTUMN  THE ESTATE becomes more theatrical, turning the exhibition space into architectural maze without walls focusing on deacquisition. The collection including furniture from the summer house and new works realized on site during SUMMER will be placed in a dystopic installation, endowing the collection with a slightly grotesque background.

For Tobias Kaspar’s large scale installation AUTUMN the exhibition space at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga will be lacquered in black paint, celebrating the black box theatre and encouraging a movement of the visitors onto the stage, becoming actors and actresses themselves. Pieces of art and furniture from the summerhouse itself will be placed within the exhibition space. The rest of the scenery exists merely as a white painted outline, a floor plan of sorts.

Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Sporta iela 2
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