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Sense Me


Trapholt Museum of Modern Art and Design

Kolding | Denmark

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Test your own senses, taste a colour, put your head in the cloud, visit an artificial forest and lay back on a whispering ASMR tongue. SENSE ME investigates how our senses affect the way we perceive ourselves – and others.

The exhibition engages all of the visitor’s senses through large art and design installations created by leading figures such as Olafur Eliasson, Jeppe Hein, Anne Patterson, Margrethe Odgaard and Peter de Cupere. It also incorporates works by artists from the early twentieth century avant-garde, such as Wassily Kandinsky and Georgia O’Keeffe, who were all interested in the idea of the multi-sensory human being.

Trapholt Museum of Modern Art and Design
Æblehaven 23
+45 76 30 05 30


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