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Pure Beauty / Elemi Szépség


Munkacsy Mihaly Museum

Bekescsaba | Hungary

About the show
The venue

Solo Exhibition and Book Launch.


Exhibition showcase oil paintings by Hungarian artist Tibor Simon-Mazula; works were made between 2013 and 2019 in San Francisco and Budapest.

160 pages Fine Art Album (Pure Beauty) is being published for the exhibition. Book includes 71 paintings and 8 drawings by Tibor and texts from American and Hungarian artists, art-writers, poets and musicians.

Unique book launch will be hosted by philosopher Zsolt Pálfalusi at 5.30pm. (before the opening reception).


"In an age of brash and brazenly neonic paintings mirroring the
shallowest glitter of a — not By Me but Buy Me, — pitch of a time
of intense consumerism, the subtle magnificence of a painter like
Tibor Simon-Mazula — a REAL painter — speaks to the heart and
soul of the imaginative organ called the Eyes.

You don’t see the bravery of the use of grey variations and shadow
forms coming out of a brush every day. Tibor is one of those precocious
young artists who is already a master of form and texture, who answers
the question of realism and/or abstraction with works that are solutions
of both as examples of the art of Awesome.

I’m honored to have been a part of a world that’s been receiving
the brilliance of the art of Tibor Simon-Mazula."

Jack Hirschman Painter and Emeritus
Poet Laureate of San Francisco, California,
United States of America 2018

Munkacsy Mihaly Museum
Széchenyi u. 9.
+36 66 323 377


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