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Helsinki Biennal 2020


Helsinki Biennal 2020

Vallisaari Island | Finland

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Helsinki Biennial is an international art event that will bring outstanding contemporary art to maritime Helsinki. The first Helsinki Biennial will be held in summer 2020 in the unique surroundings of Vallisaari Island.

Helsinki Biennial will present the highlights of international art from Finland and around the world to Helsinki’s residents and tourists. There will be workshops, multidisciplinary art performances and a programme of associated events on Vallisaari Island and elsewhere in Helsinki.
Vallisaari Island is located between the open sea and the urban landscape. Helsinki Biennial’s artworks will be built on an island, which is layered in cultural history and has returned to nature, in a way that respects its nature and buildings. Helsinki Biennial is based on sustainability and responsibility, and these values are being respected as much as possible in the implementation of the event.

Helsinki Biennial is free to attend.

The main theme of Helsinki Biennial 2020 is interdependence: every action and thing has an impact on something else and supports the whole. The curators of Helsinki Biennial 2020 have given the event the subtitle: The Same Sea.

“The ecological crisis means we are now on the cusp of enormous changes and this is defining our common future everywhere. The biennial’s subtitle, The Same Sea, refers to this situation, which concerns everyone but affects different places in different ways. Like the sea, it is a complex, inconstant entirety that bypasses all boundaries and appears different depending on the perspective,” say Pirkko Siitari and Taru Tappola, head curators of the biennial.

Helsinki Biennal 2020
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Vallisaari Island


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