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Flashback 2019


Pala Alpitour

Turin | Italy

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2019 is Flashback’s 7th anniversary, the world’s most contemporary ancient and modern art fair, which this year adds a new, precious, chapter to its tale. The title of this edition is inspired to a science-fiction novel, dated 1986 by the Soviet brothers, Arkadij and Boris Strugackij, translated into English as The Time Wanderers. For Flashback, these time hobos are Gli Erranti / The Wanderers: tireless observers, nomads by choice, to the continuous search for knowledge. This is why wandering helps refine the senses and "error" in Latin has the double meaning of strolling without a destination, but also of deviating from the truth, being wrong in order to acquire knowledge. This new chapter of Flashback is a story of mystery and discovery, which questions and thrills since its very cover page. The Italian artist Sergio Cascavilla has created eight wandering artworks, unidentified flying objects, asteroids adrift in space, pieces of an impossible Tetris. The galleries, all together, are ready to take us back to the magic tale of the principles of Serendip, tireless wanderers who—in their journeys—stumble onto new marvels at every step. It is a very story of serendipity the one Flashback 2019 wants to tell: a journey where the maps end, an exploration in time and space where every discovery takes with it another treasure to be collected.

Pala Alpitour
Corso Sebastopoli 123
+39 393 645 5301


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