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Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt


Forum Messe Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main | Germany

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The Discovery Art Fair grants a multifaceted offer to art lovers and art interested, young and established collectors, but also for first-time buyers. From large-scale pieces to miniature editions in pocket-size format, the visitors will enjoy an abundance of classical paintings, drawings and graphic prints as well as sculptures, installations, mixed-media pieces or video art. The exhibition extends its focus into the fields of photography and urban art, disciplines brimming with innovative works today represented in many renowned galleries around the world. Such an immense variety of styles and subjects displayed at the Discovery Art Fair promises a special experience for all, including artists, art dealers and visitors.

Along with the variety of art, the quality of works presented is equally important. Imbued with an abundance of styles and visual expressions, the exhibited art work is carefully selected by the curators of the fair especially for this occasion.

The Discovery Art Fair is more than a brand new art fair in Frankfurt. Visitors are granted an opportunity to enter a dialogue with international artists in a relaxed, communicative atmosphere and to acquire original art for their walls at home. In addition to the classical gallery programs, the fair provides a platform to new models of art presentation. Coming into direct contact with temporary pop-up galleries, producers’ galleries, art dealers and artists, the visitors enter an atmosphere coated in art enthusiasm and most of all, filled with good, fresh authentic art.

Every year tens of thousands art enthusiasts visit our long-established Discovery Art Fairs in Berlin, now in its 15th year, and in Cologne, now in its 5th year, to broaden their knowledge of the contemporary art scene and to acquire cutting-edge works that have just been created in the studios. Many of the artworks that had their debut at our fairs found their way into world-renowned collections, art spaces and institutions around the world.

Its high reputation in terms of art makes the business metropolis Frankfurt the ideal, third location of the Discovery Art Fair. Frankfurt is home to around 60 museums, large and small, which are visited by over two million people each year, among them are world-class museums such as the MMK Museum of Modern Art or the Städel Museum. Due to the impressive variety of museums and galleries, renowned collections, the Städel School of Fine Arts, but also through a lively off-scene, Frankfurt has rightly earned a reputation as a city of art.

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