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Art Encounters Biennial 2019


Art Encounters Biennial

Timisoara | Romania

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The Art Encounters Biennial is a cross between an experimental art festival and a contemporary art biennial. It focuses on extensive curatorial research which engages in meaningful dialogues with the historical and the socio-cultural contexts of the city of Timișoara. The mission of the biennial is to become a creative meeting point for artists, communities, institutions, and ideas. The third edition of the biennial continues the mission of engaging a wide audience in a debate on the main topics of today’s society, creating a vibrant platform for cultural exchange between the art scenes in Romania and those abroad.

Founded in 2015, the Art Encounters Foundation is a private art initiative aimed at enriching and supporting the development of the contemporary art scene in Romania. Its core mission is driven by the aspiration to foster dialogue, education, research, and experimentation. The Art Encounters Foundation intends to deliver an institutional model tailored to the needs of the local context. The foundation’s activities are carried out in three main directions: organizing the Art Encounters biennial in Timișoara and the program of permanent exhibitions; fostering education and development for audiences by way of public programs, and; developing a solid repertory of artistic and curatorial residencies.

Further developing the biennial’s ambitions, this edition will expand the format of the art exhibitions through a series of transdisciplinary events taking place over a more extended period of time, starting from January and leading up to the event, itself, in September. The choice of these curators reflects one of the main goals of this biennial: exploring as many layers of the city as possible with a close connection to today’s most relevant artists and works of art.

Timișoara lies in the center of Banat, Romania, a region in Southern-Europe rich in diverse traditions. Over several centuries, the city has been a melting pot for various cultures and religions. Furthermore, in the 1960s and 1970s, the city was an important and vibrant creative center for Romanian contemporary art. In December 1989, the revolution against the Ceaușescu dictatorship started in Timișoara. In the 1990s, the city provided a platform for a series of influential festivals which gave artists the opportunity to test their newly-won freedom. In 2016, Timisoara earned the title of 2021 European Capital of Culture. 

Art Encounters Biennial

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