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A Performance Affair. Second edition: re:production


Vanderborght Building

Brussels | Belgium

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After last year’s groundbreaking inaugural edition, A Performance Affair, the first art fair in the world entirely dedicated to performance art, is doubling its ambitions for this year. Taking place from September 5 to 8, 2019 in collaboration with Brussels Gallery Weekend, APA will transform not one but two floors of the iconic Vanderborght Building in the center of Brussels into an open, immersive performance space with a varied three-day programme.

This second edition, titled re:production, will attempt to determine the key elements necessary to perform, transcribe, document, transfer ownership and restage a performance. What is the collectable matter of a performance? How do the protocols, scenarios, recordings, or artefacts relate? How can video and other means of representation benefit the discipline?

Consistent with the platform’s goal to trigger a performance art economy, the artworks are for sale. However, instead of focusing on the usual videos, props, and photo documentation, A Performance Affair places gesture and movement, and the performative act itself, at the center.

"A Performance Affair is an important platform that will give a big exposure to performance art and the attention it deserves."
Marina Abramović, artist, New York

A Performance Affair is a Brussels-based non-profit association with international outreach. Conceived and founded by Liv Vaisberg and Will Kerr, APA seeks to place key players in the same arena and at the same table, while presenting its activities live on its two APA channels. Ultimately, this 72-hour event aims to empower performance artists and change perceptions of performance art by showing works that can be acquired in a dynamic and immersive arena. Events are open to the public and free of charge.

Vanderborght Building
Schildknaapstraat, 50 rue de l’Ecuyer


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