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Rebeka Rácz. Willing to Seem


Trinec Municipal Gallery

Třinec | Czech Republic

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Rebeka Rácz is an experimental ceramicist from Budapest, Hungary. She completed studies of art and design theory yet her work is heavily influenced by the fact that she is self-taught in the field of ceramics. This is highly obvious in the way her ceramics manifest: they are playful without the limiting effects of strict craftmanship. The harmless imperfections of the objects become an illustration of the making in which failure is an accompanying phenomenon of unbridled play.

Other element of her work is the imitation of our world. The representations of consumer items in larger numbers are like objects designed for kids to play. However, imitated objects are not as incomprehensible as the red Ferrari toy we buy our kids in the mall. Rácz's choice of consumer products are usually those that many of us own. What we use on daily basis without extra attention becomes a symbolic object to be considered and reflected upon.

In her exhibition Willing to Seem she is dealing with the self-faking habit we have for appearing something or someone different from who we are. The objects taken from our everyday world reflect on how we try to imitate ways, habits, people and styles and how much we cannot be true to either ourselves or to the ones around us.

Trinec Municipal Gallery
Nám. Svobody 526
Czech Republic
+420 558 999 170


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