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Zsolt Vetlenyi

Born: 1967

member since: 2019


Zsolt Vetlenyi was born in 1967 in Kaposvar. After developing an interest in artistic fields, Zsolt started studying at the Secondary School of Visual Arts, where he graduated in 1986 with a degree in advertising and graphic design. After that he also acquired a diploma from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

The painter and graphic / visual artist feels at home in several branches of art. Zsolt works in the area of applied arts, set design, costumes and concert visuals. He also creates video installations for music, poetry, short stories, and makes films, using the S8 technique. The artist has always been and still is highly inspired by classical music. He attended  music school until he was 14, and loved his music teachers. Music has been a constant background to his childhood, the artist states, and it is still a big inspiration for his artistic production.

According to Zsolt, another sources of his inspirations are educational and documentary films he used to watch when he was around the age of 6 or fresh pastries form his favorite bakery. As well as, memories of nature, flowers associated with his preschool years. The artist believes that his personal style goes from raw to sentimental and then from sentimental to raw, depending on his current life situation. Zsolt states that there are constant characteristics of his artworks , such as that they aim to tell stories, they are slightly sarcastic, critiquing hopelessness and hierarchy and that they tend to be a mixture of a “naive” and a “professional” technique.

Zsolt has exhibited at several locations, since his graduation from university. He has exhibited, amongst many places, at Cafe Miro in 1996, 1997 and 1998. As well as, at the Hungarian House of Photography (“Save the childhood”) in 2000 and at the Gallery Choir 9 and Málna Gallery in 2003.

He has also gained a couple awards, such as the ARC Billboard Exhibition’s Award of Excellence in 2000, as well as, the Derkovits Art Scholarship in 1993. The artist has several upcoming projects he is working on at the moment. He currently lives and works in Budapest.


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