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Vika Begalska and Alexander Vilkin

Established: 2014

member since: 2019


Vika Begalska (b. 1975, Dnetropetrovsk, Ukraine) and Alexander Vilkin (b. 1981, Snezhinsk in Chelyabinsk region) is a Moscow-based artistic duo who started working together in 2014. One of their most significant mutual projects by the duo– a performative puppet play entitled Aphrodite’s Girdle, got noticed and made it to a short-list of a prestigious Russian prize in contemporary art– the Innovation Prize. In 2017, the video footage of the performance was shown at the Teresa Union’s personal show at M HKA museum in Antwerp, Belgium. As an artistic duo, the two have had five solo exhibitions with two of them being held at the pop/off/art gallery. In 2017, the artists have exhibited their works in Lightcube gallery in Ronse, Belgium. In 2018 the artists had two personal shows organized with the support of pop/off/art gallery – in Moscow’s Art4 Museum and in Nizhniy Novgorod’s 9B gallery. Works by the duo could be found in M HKA Museum’s collection and in numerous private collections. 

2019 - Sightless sack, pop/off/art gallery, Moscow

2019 - Vika Begalska and Alexander Vilkin.  Field, door, pig, swamp. 9Б gallery, Nizhny  Nivgorod
2018-2019 - SPLENDOR AND SENSIBILITY.  Nathalia Tsala галерея, Brussels
2018-2019 - Pen. Art4, Moscow

2017 - INBOX: Victoria Begalskaya together with Teresa Creative Union. Mu HA. Antwerp, Belgium 

2017 - Molensteenkraag. Light Cube Art Gallery, Ronse, Belgium
2016 - Rafflesianism. Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg

2016 - Those who have a stomach. pop/off/art gallery, Moscow
2015 - Gertrude. pop/off/art gallery, Moscow
2013 - Be Deadly. Alaska Project, Sydney
2013 - From Valia with Love, Vanishing Point, Center for Contemporary art, Sydney
2012 - Zigy. pop/off/art gallery, Moscow
2011 - Shame. Gridchinhall, Moscow
2010 - Impressionism with a fig in a pocket. pop/off/art gallery, Moscow
2009 - Liquid sky. Parallel program of the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary art, Project Fabrika, Moscow
2009 - Dream tsu-tsu. pop/off/art gallery, Moscow
2007 - To expression.. ArtStrelka-Projects, Moscow
2005 - 2 or not 2b. ArtStrelka-Projects, Moscow
2004 - I want to bury you. Guelman gallery, Kiev

Selected group exhibitions

2014 - Girdle of Aphrodite. Luda gallery, Saint-Petersburg
2014 - Spreading out painting. Museum of Moscow, Moscow
2014 - Pussy Riot and the Russian tradition of protest art, Center for Contemporary art, Prague
2013 - Film program of The 5th Moscow biennale of Contemporary art, Central Exhibtion Hall «Manege», Moscow
2012 - In an Absolute Disorder: Contemporary Russian Art. The Kandinsky Prize (2007-2012). Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain
2011 - The Kandinsky Prize. Central House of Artists, Moscow
2010 - Parallel films – remakes, sequels and prequels of cinema and TV products. Кnoll Galerie, Vienna
2009 - Russia from inside and outside. Universam,
2009 - Russia from inside and outside. “Arvardzan” Cultural centre, Yerevan, Armenia
2009 - History of Russian video art. Volume 2. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
2008 - A(rt) R(ussia) T(oday) – Index. Latvian National museum of art, Riga, Latvia
2007 - Photoquai. World visual arts Biennale, Paris
2007 - From Russia With Love. Kunst Meran, Merano, Italy
2007 - Kommunalka. Art Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2007 - ArtDigital: Borderline. Special project of the 2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary art, M’ars gallery, Moscow
2007 - Something about the power. Special project of the 2nd Moscow Biennale for Contemporary art, L-gallery, Moscow
2006 - Postorang. Kunsthalle Karlplatz, Vienna
2006 - "Risk Zone. Transition". 3rd Bishkek exhibition of Contemporary art, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
2006 - Art-Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2006 - Revolution. Transit Art Space, Stavanger, Norway
2005 - Vooruit. Gent, Belgium
2005 - ArtDigital 2005:Digitalized love. M’ars gallery, Moscow
2005 - Brussia. Europalia 2005, Brussels, Belgium
2005 - And She Was. Transit Gallery, Mechelen, Belgium
2005 - Gender unrest. Special project of the 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow Museum of Modern art, Moscow
2004 7 SINS. Museum for Contemporary art, Lyublyana, Slovenia


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