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Tomasz Piars

Established: 0002

member since: 2019



Artist, painter from Warsaw, based in Budapest

Founder of contemporary art Gallery LATARKA (2013-)

Coordinator of visual arts in Polish Institute Budapest (2013-2018)

Art director of Gallery Platan (2013-2018)

Founder of Artmessenger (2018-)

Art manager, curator in Gallery Kálmán Maklary Fine Arts (2018-)


Phone: +36304551540



Budapest-based Polish artist comes back with eye-catching bright paintings on canvas or cardboard, which develop concepts presented in his latest projects dedicated to abstraction (“Black Crystals”, “Liquid spaces”, 2018 – “The New Alchemy”, 2019). In his artistic laboratory he applies wide variety of forms while testing new artistic situation on each single painting. Every piece provokes questions if it is just an esthetic joy of playing with abstraction or a complex depiction of a unique organized system. If we look closer, shapes, colors and shades compose in a sense objects and situations known from everyday life, while in contrary seem to depict chemical and biological processes. This enchanting game with a viewer and his vision benefits from various optical tricks, as much as from precise technique of the artist. While presented works are acrylic paintings, they convey us to the world of digital art thanks to the layering and characteristic interventions widely applied in graphic programs. In The New Alchemy series of paintings artist shows the digital creation process in reverse. Therefore latest pieces from Piars have deep focus on exploration process itself: artist is analyzing new models and testing them, as they belong to his imaginarium of new forms, he managed to create a specific alphabet and reorganize it in each piece. While he continues the artistic experiment with abstraction, a brand new dynamic process is depicted: with strong sensation of movement, visual intensity and bright colors. New microsystem closed in the frame of painting seems like a fusion of art and science. It reminds us how much the world of scientific metaphors borrows from arts.

"True alchemy lies in this formula: ‘Your memory and your senses are but the nourishment of your creative impulse’." — Arthur Rimbaud (Illuminations)


Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich

Selected exhibitions of last two years:

Anzix of Cered / Artcolony Cered international art symposium, 2019 * The New Alchemy / Kahan Art Space, Budapest 2019 * Inexpressible – On The Scent Of Unconsciuos, The Studios – The Brody Collection, 2019 * Layered Realities, Szenecsár Gallery, 2019 * RevitArt, Hungarian Academy, Italy / Rome, 2018 * Entropy, Art Of Disintegration, Gallery MIAart, Poland / Wroclaw, 2018 * Sudden Death Of The Hero, Kubik, Budapest & Gallery * Promocyjna, Poland / Warsaw 2018 * Beyond The Fragile Geometry of Space, House of Arts, Veszprém Várgaléria, 2018 * Art Camp Mezőtúr, City Gallery, 2018 * Borderless, LATARKA, Budapest 2018 * Perplexing Reflections, Kubik, Budapest 2017 * Seperated Spaces, Capella Artis, Cered 2017 * Face - Hiders, LATARKA, Budapest 2017


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