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Tibor Nagy

Born: 1986

member since: 2019


Tibor Nagy is an entrant photographer from Hungary. After his  graduation, he learned photography at Simonyi Károly Vocational School between 2006 and 2008. He got his BA degree in photography from the Metropolitan University Budapest, in 2017. Now he is a member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers and an active creator of MyMuseum Gallery in Budapest.

Nagy likes to find his subjects both in technical and theoretical practices, taking advantage of the wide range of technological possibilities that photography offers, choosing the technology that suits the subject matter best.  He is an active member of FFS in Budapest (Studio of Young Photographers) where has participated in several group exhibitions, like the exhibition entitled The Present, Future and Past of a new city in Dunaújváros at ICA D institute.

His pictures often capture an urban environment. The often striking contrast between black and white, dark and light can easily remind us of the dichotomy of living in such a modern milieu. The milieu where everything is in constant change, where the new, the shiny, the precious could become old, rusty, dirty and worthless in a moment. This is a basic experience or phenomenon of living in a metropolis.

Nagy aims to reflect little bits of our life, tiny snapshots of moments which we usually just pass by.. The true essence of his pictures is the real intention to define the artificial and temporal space surrounding us.



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