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Rebeka Racz

Born: 1990

member since: 2018


Rebeka Racz is the founder of Rebu Ceramics, she currently lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. She earned her bachelor's degree in aesthetics and continued studying to complete a masters degree in theory of design.

During these years of theoretical studies, Rebeka felt the urge to make something with her own hands. In 2016, she decided to pay more attention to her desire and invested lot of energy and time into making it work. The result was fantastic - a lot of playful, colorful and interesting ceramic objects balancing on the edge of art and design, decorative objects and artworks.

Her main inspiration for her work is questioning norms and leaving conventions behind - which she does in a humorous and brave way. The way of being a self-taught artist also helps her fulfill these objectives.

Rebeka had a solo exhibition and several group exhibitions in Budapest, a handful of articles and interviews about herself and her works.


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