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Perceptual Thinkers

Established: 2015

member since: 2018


Conscious fashion brand Perceptual Thinkers draws inspiration from behavior and clothing preferences of people living with autism.

Their clothes aim to give an insight into their special perception by using stimulating fabrics and playful design patterns, to experience clothing as a sensorial phenomenon. The clothes are the means of communication: the way we dress is the way we interact with other people.

The pieces are capable of serving many different needs, both completely ordinary or special ones. The brand's main focus is physical perception, therefore they place playful, stimulating details on the clothes, or sometimes the opposite - they add calming effects on the clothes. This sensitive philosophy provoked by the clothes helps to understand the peculiar perception of people living with autism, as much as to concentrate on our inner needs.

The pieces follow the ethos of design for all, therefore they are the perfect fit for neurotypical people and for those who are affected by autism as well. They are not medical aids nor fully conceptual clothes: the aim is to meet somewhere in between, where everyone is capable to discover their own senses.

The brand's goal is to spread the notion of conscious shopping and to provide as many background information as possible about the products. b

Daniel Szalkai – founder, designer

Daniel graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) as a product designer. His diploma project was the first version of Perceptual Thinkers, which consisted of 6 experimental textile products focusing on people living with autism. With slightly different focus yet PT is the renewal of this project: the expanded team concentrates on design for all items. He is also the founder and managing director of MAACRAFT – the social workshop, a design enterprise employing people living with autism.  

Eszter Szász – co-founder, brand & design manager

Eszter graduated from MOME as an art & design manager. Based on her previous work experiences and studies she gained knowledge in visual communication, creative and marketing management and business development field (HPS Group; Mitte Communications; MAACRAFT).

Zita Merényi – co-founder, fashion designer

Zita graduated from MOME as a textile designer, currently a PhD student of the department. She has specialized in testing experimental materials. Besides PT she operates two other popular fashion brands: Open-Up and Provo-CUT. With Provo-CUT Zita won the Hungarian Design Award 2016 in Student Category and the project was published on several prestigious online design website. Her cutting-edge approach to the materials and her innovative sartorial methods give the unique appearance of  the PT clothes.


2015 - Hungarian Design Award, Student category

2016 - Highlights of Hungary, Instyle Special prize

2017 - Hungarian Design Award, Special prize


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