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Orshi Drozdik

Born: 1946
New York

member since: 2019


Orshi Drozdik is a contemporary feminist performance artist. Drozdik received her education at the Academy in Budapest and then lived mainly in Amsterdam and New York. Through the use of different forms of expression and media, Drozdik has been concerned since the 1970s with the political and cultural representation of the female body under the influence of a patriarchal society. Drozdik's continuously developed concept of the "ImageBank", a collection of photographed pictorial material that includes art historical images as well as media images of popular culture, forms the basis for his work. Photography and collecting both serve as a starting point to critically illuminate the generated meanings and ideological implications of patriarchal image production. By means of light projection, the photographs are integrated into Drozdik's performative practice and recontextualized through the interplay with the staging of her mostly naked female body. The artist photographically captures the confrontation between image and body, creating new material for further artistic use. 


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