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Miklos Szuts

Born: 1945

member since: 2019


Miklos Szuts is an established Hungarian painter and graphic designer. As he says, to become an artist was his destiny, if to have a look at his family tree. Degre Alajos, his great-grandfather on his mother's side, was a writer and one of the leaders of the Hungarian revolution of 1848-49 revolution. Lajos Lechner, another great-grandfather, was a famous Hungarian architect. His wife is Erzsebet Vojnich, an eminent Hungarian artist who recently won the Prima Primissima award.

Miklos graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1972 and later, beside painting, he worked as a freelance graphic designer. In 1985-88 Miklos taught drawing and art history at Jozsef Attila secondary school, in 1997-98 hold lectures at the Academy of Dramatic and Cinematic Art. Later, in 1991 he became a co-owner and creative director of AD Graphic Studio. After the millennium, he spent a few months on a scholarship in Paris, where he's been coming back to work regularly ever since. In 2016 together with Peter Esterházy he published a joint book "Guilty". Miklos Szuts had almost 50 separate exhibitions at home country and abroad, and many of his works are now in public and private collections.

1967-73 – Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest

Individual exhibitons

2005 – Millenáris, Kerengő Galéria, Budapest
2005 – Studio Galeria, Palac Kultury i Nauka, Warszawa/Varsó, Lengyelország
2004 – Szajna Galeria, Rzeszów, Lengyelország
2004 – Tetőtéri Galéria, Pannonhalmi Apátság, Pannonhalma
2003 – Kiscelli Múzeum, Templomtér, Budapest
2001 – Cité International des Arts, Paris
2001 – Mestermű Galéria, Veszprém
2000 – Budapest Galéria, Budapest
1998 – Vigadó Galéria, Budapest
1997 – Centrul Cultural al Republicii Ungare, Bucuresti
1996 – Institut Hongrois, Paris
1995 – Accademia d'Ungheria, Roma
1995 – Művészetek Háza, Pécs
1993 – Cifra Palota, Kecskemét
1991 – Budapest Történeti Múzeum, Budapest
1991 – Vigadó Galéria, Budapest
1987 – Ernst Múzeum, Budapest
1984 – Műhely Galéria, Szentendre
1983 – Kunstforening, Bergen, Norway
1983 – Bölcsészkari Galéria, Budapest
1982 – Művésztelepi Galéria, Szentendre
1981 – Uitz Galéria, Dunaújváros
1980 – Stúdió Galéria, Budapest
1979 – Madách Galéria, Vác
1978 – Görög Templom Galéria, Vác
1977 – Stúdió Galéria, Budapest
1977 – Gallery of Art Friends, Voss, Norway


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