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Born: 1983

member since: 2019


About Emese Nemeth
Emese Németh still proclaims that she cures and raises souls by means of her paintings. The artist’s life can only be complete by painting and searching the eternal issues of arts and presenting the emotions generated in the meantime. In 2018 a sort of transformation of her paintings started, her art entered a new phase and Meska was born. THE MESKA PERIOD The artist is called Meska by her lover, so the representation of existence, feelings, new dimensions, new levels is running parallel with their unfolding love. The Divine Women are now represented deprived of their characters in such a pure state of mind where their feelings, memories are only shown; the self-states, impressions, feelings are represented at an elementary level. A new space is created, a new aspect is opened by Meska showing that anything the viewer sees only depends on where they view it from by means of playing with shadows and light. The artist repeatedly makes holes in the painted canvas and with each hole a new level is created. The artist consciously avoids giving a title to her paintings at the exhibitions, generally using excerpts from Hungarian poems to help the viewer develop the relationship with the works and this way allows new worlds to be opened. Meska uses a technological innovation developed by herself in her works of art, reviving her paintings as the light and shadows play in the canvas with holes of different forms. Getting closer to the painting or passing it, the viewer realizes that there is no constancy, everything is changing; and everything is in unity with all things creating oneness. - dr. Julia Bacsek curator

I had a master but no school. My master was the disciple of Istvan Csok (1865-1961) a famous Hungarian painter, called Pal Krizsanszky (was born in the 1920s). He often said that I am a talent but modern art is not his cup of tea, so we kept on painting and copying Classic paintings of XIX. century. Later I wanted to find and express myself only, so I gave up copying Classic Works.  And let myself lost in a new an innovative world... In 2019 I won Art Olympia Selected Artwork Prize with my painting Memories which has travelled around the world to be shown in Tokyo. Today Tokyo National Treasures Museum owns the painting. 

Painting titeled Memories is always on view in Tokyio National Treasures Museum in its own collection.

1 week exhibition of my painting Memories - Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 2019 June _ Art Olympia Selected Artwork Prize Winner 

Tiszavirág Gallery - Hungary, Szeged until 25th February

Pinter Gallery and Auctions - Hungary, Budapest 18th December 2018


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