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Marton Dés

Established: 1987

member since: 2018


Márton Dés was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1987 but at the moment he lives and works in Berlin. He was studying painting and graphics at the Óbuda Secondary School of Fine Arts, at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, at the Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts and at the Art Faculty of the University of Porto. He finished his Master degree in painting in The Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2015. He received his postgraduate degree after studying as a Meisterschüler in the Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts in 2018. He makes paintings, graphics, drawings, illustrations, comics and write poems, and short stories . He’s interested in irregularity, sensitivity, banality, humor, and failure. His goal is to mix and combine together different cultural and didactic fields, from pictures of everyday life to art historical images, pop art, global signs, architecture, portraits, and codes, with an easy and airy style. His biggest inspirations are medieval and folk art, hip-hop culture, naive and commercial art, erotic and literature. He tries to avoid being defined by one style, he rather prefers having an attitude or just a point of view. He mostly reacts directly, fast and playfully to incoming visual inspirations. His favorite topics are timeless and human-like, such as love, work, family, holiday, celebration and kitchen. He tries to find the poetic qualities of the actual everyday life and history. He’s working mostly on conceptual series, but his main goal is either subjective and organic. His works were exhibited in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, in the United Kingdom and in Dubai, UAE.


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