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Established: 2012

member since: 2018


Maacraft is a design brand and social enterprise founded in 2012 as the social workshop of the Autistic Foundation of Miskolc. The brand offers high quality homeware products which familiarize autistic and mentally disabled people with the world of working and its joy.

By gardening and learning artisan techniques, autistic employees can improve their cognitive and manual skills and also gain knowledge about visual culture.

The products are designed by industrial designer Daniel Szalkai, and developed to manufactured products by conductors and professionals. Every time you purchase a Maacraft product you support the workshop’s young disabled adults.

Working with others is always challenging, but at the same time it is a source of inspiration for both. Cooperation with other creatives give Maacraft the possibility to offer diverse working procedures for their employees, teach them various techniques, and it also allows a complex product palette for the brand.

Collaborating partners: AU Workshop, Máté Bartha, Cellux csoport, Collective Plant, GOGA Food, Kezemura, Csaba Klement, Zsófia Mautner, Merényi Bicycles, Dóra Tomcsányi.


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