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Laszlo feLugossy

Born: 1947

member since: 2019


Laszlo feLugossy ("phenomenon Lugossy") is a Hungarian painter, filmmaker, musician, performance- and video artist, a bright representative of the Eastern European underground avant-garde. He was born in 1947 in Kecskemét, Hungary. Initially he studied photography and then turned to fine art, combining it with film, literature and music. He is one of the founders of the Vajda Lajos studio in Szentendre, a circle of visual artists interested in experimental practices. 

Laszlo’s art is an infinitely simple, yet infinitely complex world. He always strives for direct expression, seeking for the shortest route. His works seem to come from the most complicated state of birth, from the undisciplined, elusive, indescribable pulsation to the simplest, most practical form for human perception. He creates a new type of art in both perception, quality and presentation. Laszlo has been exhibited regularly since the early seventies.


2014 – Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic
2010 – Ködöböcz József Award of Sárospatak, Hungary
2010 – Herceg Klára Award
2007 – Média Wave Parallel Culture Award
2002 – Káplár Miklós Award, Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary
2001 – Téli Tárlat (Winter Exhibition), First Prize, Miskolc
1999 – Téli Tárlat (Winter Exhibition), MAOE Prize, Miskolc
1991 – Neufeld Anna Foundation Award, Vác, Hungary
1990 – Munkácsy Award

Works in state collections

Aachen, Ludwig Collection, Germany
Budapest, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ludwig Museum, Hungary
Budapest, Hungarian National Gallery
Budapest, Museum of Literature
Budapest, Collection of Kogart
Dunaújváros, Institute of Contemporary Art, Hungary
Dunaszerdahely, Contemporary Hungarian Gallery, Hungary
Kaposvár, Rippl-Rónai Museum, Hungary
Kecskemét, Kecskemét Gallery, Hungary
Miskolc, Gallery of Miskolc, Hungary
Székesfehérvár, King St. Stephen Museum, Hungary
Szentendre, Ferenczy Museum, Hungary
Gallery of Paks, Hungary


1993 – Adam and Eve & Joe
1992 – Neoszarvasbika
1988 – Self-control

Solo exhibitions

2015 – The Last Bison, a38 ship, Budapest
2014 – Contemplation, Rétközi Museum, Kisvárda, Hungary
2014 – Look at the right side, Mád, Hungary
2014 – SZUFLA: Overproduced attempts from 80th years, B55 Gallery, Budapest
2012 – The temper of the pioneer is minimal - MissionArt Galéria, Budapest
2011 – Human brains is about 7 billion, MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary
2011 – There is some atavistic partial truth in everyone, Szepes Gyula Community Center, Érd, Hungary
2010 – Playoffs  2009, Rodin Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary
2009 – It would be better, if it was more abstract, Várfok Gallery, Várfok Hall, Budapest
2007 – Ecstasy, Várfok Gallery, Várfok Hall, Budapest
2005 – De-pressing, Várfok Gallery, Várfok Hall, Budapest
2003 – Big Spoon, Várfok Gallery, Budapest
2002 – Personal Warmth, Miskolc Gallery, Miskolc, Hungary
2000 – Anti-TV, Studio 1900, Budapest
1999 – Atavistic Satellite, Sárospatak Museum, Sárospatak, Hungary
1999 – Numbered Heads – Agony, Várfok Gallery Budapest
1998 – Sleepless Women, Studio Gallery, Budapest
1998 – Group Picture with Trousers - Várfok Gallery, Budapest
1995 – Durable Peace, Uitz Hall, Dunaújváros
1995 – Liget Galéria, Budapest
1995 – {NOFAX}, Bartók 32 Gallery, Budapest
1994 – University of Technology, Veszprém
1993 – Idoleumok, Greek Church, Vác, Hungary
1993 – Uni de formis, Home Galéria, Budapest
1992 – Time and Tide, Tokyo, Japan
1991 – Bercsényi Club, Budapest
1991 – Museum Gallery (with Szirtes János), Győr, Hungary

Selected group exhibitions

2012 – Allured by Contrasts, Reök Palace, Szeged
2011 – Lucid Dream, Hommage á Endre Rozsda, Várfok Gallery, Budapest
2011 – In the Blink of an Eye, Várfok Gallery, Budapest
2010 – Crescendo, Várfok Gallery, XO Hall, Budapest
2010 – Paradogma, Várfok Gallery, XO Hall, Budapest
2010 – Crop Rotation, Várfok Gallery, Várfok Hall, Budapest
2010 – On Paper, Várfok Gallery, Várfok Hall, Budapest
2009 – Hommage á El Kazovszkij, Várfok Gallery, XO Hall, Budapest
2008 – Icecubes Summer exhibition, Várfok Gallery, Budapest
2008 – Grotesques - G19, Várfok Gallery, Budapest
2008 – Summer, The Várfok Gallery's exhibition, Hungarian Cultural Institute, Berlin, Germany
2005 – Ars poetica, Várfok Gallery, Várfok Hall, Budapest
2004 – Reflections, Várfok Gallery, XO Hall, Budapest
2001 – Három Karma (with efZámbó István and Wahorn András), Budapest Gallery, Budapest
1989 – Csók István Picture Gallery, Székesfehérvár, Hungary
2007 – Ars Poetica, Szombathely, Hungary


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