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Kristina Bukovcakova

Born: 1991
Czech republic

member since: 2019


Kristína Bukovčáková is a Slovak artist based in Prague. She finished her master's degree in the studio of Czech artist, Jiří David in 2018.

The present world is a mix of ecological, economic and political crises, causing disastrous scenarios for the future, this is the current theme that Kristína depicts using the traditional media of painting. Today's depiction of the world displayed on the painting together with its own experiences create one whole.

The environment is a topical issue for Kristína. She is trying to display it from the perspective of the young person and the generation the subject has the most effect on. Kristína realizes that the ecological collapse is a very general subject but she has been effected on such a personal level that she decided to devote herself to it.

Kristína's paintings are supposed to reflect on the associations that caused by today's conditions of the Earth, the feeling of crisis, concern, confusion, and overpressure of information. Kristína works with what we perceive from the outside. She inflicts this image with the help of social platforms and aims to transform it into a visual plane as the main means of expression. Fragments of nature, loose unidentifiable object, hanging drapery manifest as traces of man or his intervention.


Painting of the Year 2016, VUB Foundation, 1st place, Slovakia
Painting of the Year 2015, VUB Foundation, 2nd place, Slovakia


2015 - 2018 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
Studio of Intermedia Art (Jiří David and Milan Salák)

2011 - 2015 Academy of Arts / Faculty of Fine Arts, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
Open studio of Painting (Rastislav Podoba)

solo exhibitions:

2019- Dot Contemporary Art Gallery, Yesterday Karma, Bratislava, Slovakia
2018- Industra gallery, Sadness, who wants to be seen, Brno, Czech republic
2017- Gallery of Petr M. Bohun, Closed eyes, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia
2017- DSC Gallery, The Room, Prague
2017- Dot Contemporary Art Gallery, Apocalypse of Beauty, Bratislava, Slovakia
2016- Platform1-12, Be a Monstera deliciosa, Topolcany, Slovakia

group exhibitions:

2019- Pragovka Gallery, Zverimex, Prague, Czech republic
2018- Zoya Museum, More than 30 ..., Modra, Slovakia
2017- White & Weiss Gallery, MDŽ - Today's Woman Painting, Bratislava, Slovakia
2016- Gallerie d Italia, 10 Years of Painting, Milan, Italy
2016- Nedbalka Gallery, VUB Foundation, Painting of the Year, Bratislava, Slovakia
2016- East Slovak Gallery, Exhibition of the Decade 2006-2015, Košice, Slovakia
2015- Nedbalka Gallery, VUB Foundation, Painting of the Year, Bratislava, Slovakia


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