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Jonathan Ouisse


member since: 2019


Whether you’re an expert in the field or simply an amateur, the exhibition of Jonathan Ouisse will touch you, whether you like it or not, this particular collection of art is far from ordinary and in fact doesn’t just follow an artistic trend or aesthetic tendency to please. He can portray the universe in a disturbing light. Protagonists and animals gravitate in a world where they are mistreated. Often grotesque, exhibiting mockery and derision, it is full of symbols inspired by political matters, the media and childhood without ever becoming a mere cliché. Influenced by the pictorial gesture of the Italian Renaissance, the claroscuro, the style is precise and the lighting is dramatic. Firmly rooted in the nineties his work is influenced by an urban culture- and the traits associated with this culture will undoubtedly make an impression on those who see it. 

The burlesque, a subversive process which ironizes a dramatic story tinted with misanthropy is often employed by directors such as Emir Kusturica, Federico Fellini and even Monty Python, all of whom have used or still use the Burlesque at its paroxysm. Jonathan created images in the same manner. In “Underground” “Roma” or “Le sens de la vie” the comical becomes the central idea and Jonathan Ouisse develops the process by mishandling the human race, both ridiculing it and laughing at its oversized vanity.


Since 2007 Independent artist

2006 High National Diploma in Graphic Design EEGP, Angers, FR

2002 -2003 School of Fine Arts ESBA, Angers, FR


Solo shows

November 22 - May 18 - 2018 -2019 : “Feel the boogie” at Spacejunk Art Centers. FR
October 2015 : "We are all Macaron" at Paloma Haz, Budapest. HU
October 2014 : Galerie Bertrand Garrigue, Tours. FR
May 2014 : Galerie Bertrand Garrigue, Tours. FR
October 2013 : Galerie Bertrand Garrigue, Tours. FR
August 2012 : "Kun Portrek" at Finta Múzeum, Túrkeve. HU
October 2011 : "Kun Portrek" at Györffy István Nagykun Múzeum, Karcag. HU
February 2009 : Galerie Saint Aubin, Angers. FR

Collective shows

November 7 - 11, 2019 : “Good things come in small packages”, The Waluso Gallery, curated by semi skimmed, London. UK
October 3 - 6, 2019 : Budapest Art Market, a-space Gallery, Budapest. HUOctober 3 - 6, 2019 : “The butterfly effect”, BSMT Space, curated by semi skimmed gallery, London. UK
December 2011 : Casa Battlo, Barcelona. ES
July 2011 : The Bricklane Gallery, London. UK


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