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Gyula Sagi

Born: 1987

member since: 2019


After completing his studies, Gyula Sági started to explore the behavior patterns of bees and observes the intelligent, self-organizing and repetitive structures of nature. He uses these natural arrangements and transfers them in a way that allows viewers to perceive them as a drawing. His serial, organic signals become more geometrical over the years, with his main interest being in the rhythm and energy that is reflected in his works.

Inspired by the movements of the New German Expressionism and the European Informal Art, the artistic process of Gyula Sági emerges. The artist creates his visual drawings using indigo ink on canvas or paper, based on the characteristics of living structures, such as DNA traces or hair. In his works, a process can be perceived in which the attention shifts from the organic structure to the geometric system.

Gyula Sági has exhibited his works in numerous international exhibitions in Germany, England, Hungary, Japan, China and the Netherlands, among others in Székesfehérvár, Győr, London, Oxford, Budapest, Berlin, Paris, Maastricht, Kanagawa and Bangkok.

Western Hungarian University, BA visual art

2018 -Meanwhile in Painting Gallery Budapest, HU
12 May –3 June, 2018.

2018 -NO (B) ORDERS –group show at KUNSTPUNKT BERLIN
April 27 to May 13th

2018 -Intercontinental Line 2 #63
Paris -Abstract Project Gallery
12th of March-12th of April 2018

2018 -icons \structures
Dombrovska Elena and Gyula Sági
Mikhail Bulgakov museum-Kyiv, Ukraine.
February 22th-March 20th, 2018.

2017 -Artist in residency program -Berlin, DE
CHB -01.09.2017-15.10.2017

2017 -Exhibition Untitled TZT016,
a Hungarian rhapsody at Bos Fine Art.
Gyula Sági & Janos Szasz Saxon
The Hague"Concrete Art" Netherlands & Lelystad -Netherlands Gallery BOS FINE ART

Contemporary art institue, Dunaújváros, HU2017. jun 10th. -aug 4th

MUSEUM of Szent István Király, Székesfehérvár HU
2017. jun 10th. - sept. 17th

2017 -"Light position" at Museum RÓMER, Győr -HU
2017. juni 24 –aug.31.

2017 -5th Rangsit University International Design Symposium,
Bangkok, Thailand."Work in Progress 5 : Design Spectrum"

2017 -Royal Bank of Scotland in Richmond, London
gallery Wealt of Art

2017 -Artist in residency program in Paris 27th of Januray -30th of April, 2017

2016 IDEAL HOME SHOW, LONDON 18 MARCH 3rdApril, Olympia London, presented by Wealt-of-art, London

18th -21st February 2016, presented by Gallery Várfok, Budapest

2016 OXFORD INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 26, 27 & 28 February 2016

2015 Infiltratum -Solo show Gallery Varfok, 16 October -14 November 2015, Budapest, HU

2015 Symmetrie Oase Povver, Berlin, DE, 10th of July, Germany

2015 The act of painting group Galerie Schaufenster, Kreuzberg, Berlin July 3rd –July 19th, Germany

2014 Crossroads Gallery Oneiro, June 19. -August 1. 2015, Paris, FR

2014 Did you say abstract? Gallery Oneiro, FR, December 5-January 31. 2015, Paris, FR

2014 The act of painting group Gallery Valeur, Aichi, Nagoya, August 26 –September 13, Japan

2014 The act of painting groupshow:Casa Sakanoue, Hiyoshi, Kanagawa September 19 –October 2, Japan

2014 The act of painting groupshow May 24 –June 15, TAC, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2012 Gallery Stevens,solo show
MaastrichtNL, 4th of February -4th of March, Netherlands


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