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Gyula Pauer

Born: 1941

member since: 2019


Gyula Pauer (1941-2012, Budapest, Hungary) was an outstanding Hungarian conceptual and performance artist, sculptor, costume designer, painter and actor. An extraordinary person who made a significant contribution to Hungarian culture.
He studied at the College of Decorative Sculpture as the student of Alajos de Battista. In the late 60s he was involved in the Hungarian underground avant-garde. His works are conceptual and complex, as he was an artist of different media and frequently presented his works connected to theatre performances or film-shooting. He exhibited together with Hungarian and foreign artists in Hungary and abroad: in France, Korea, the US, Australia, etc. Prominent Hungarian and foreign museums own his artworks: St. Stephen Museum (Székesfehérvár, Hungary), Janus Pannonius Museum (Pécs, Hungary), Hungarian National Gallery (Budapest); Janos Xantus Museum (Gyor, Hungary), Ludwig MMK / Foundation in Vienna and Szczecin (Poland).
Gyula Pauer also created several public sculptures. One of his most famous works is the holocaust memorial "The Shoes on the Danube", a must-see attraction in Budapest, which he created together with Can Togay in 2005.

Awards and honors

2005 – Kossuth Award
1999 – Sculptor Laureate Prize

1993 – Munkacsy Award

Selected individual exhibitions

2001 – Old World New World, Common Ground. A joint exhibition with the members of the Philadelphia Sculptors and the Hungarian Sculpture Association. Nexus Gallery, Philadelphia (USA)
2001 – Fingerprint of the XX. Century, Historical Museum, Budapest
2000 – Intuition Innovation, Art Gallery, Budapest
2000 – Ca. 30 years before, Chapel Exhibitions Balatonboglár, Artpool, P60, Budapest
2000 – Aspects Positions / Art in Central Europe, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
1999 – XVI National Small Sculpture Biennial, Pécsi Gallery, Pécs
1997 – Diaspora (and) Art, Hungarian Jewish Museum, Budapest
1996 – Demonstration boards 1978-1996, Ernst Museum, Budapest

1991 – The Shroud of Turin Statue, Bartók 32 Gallery, Budapest
1989 – Symmetry and asymmetry, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1989 – Memorial for the Martyrs 1956 on 301th parcel, Budapest Gallery, Budapest
1988 – Olympiade des Arts, Olimpic Garden, Seoul
1979 – European Dialogue, Example of Sydney, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
1971 – Six Hungarian artists for the first time in Vienna, Galerie im Griechenbeisl, Vienna
1966 – Gyula Pauer: Headquarters of the Patriotic People’s Front, Pestlőrinc


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