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Gyula Konkoly

Born: 1941

member since: 2019


Gyula Konkoly is a famous Hungarian painter, Munkacsy Award winner, one of the initiators of the Hungarian Neo-avant-garde movement and a member of the Iparterv group.

After finishing the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest, Gyula studied in Vienna, Paris and Italy where he was greatly influenced by the Old Masters, abstract tradition, american pop-art and press photo exhibitions. In 1970 he had to immigrate to France, after worked in Sweden and only in 1991 came back to his home country where he lives now.

In the 1970s he designed posters that granted him good salary and opportunity to showcase his artistic ideas to the public, as posters were less strictly censored than paintings. At this time, he published a manifesto on the Death of Neo-avant-garde. In the 80s he painted large-scale installation-like narrative works, addressing provocative topics. Over the years, his style and focus naturally transformed following the main changes in society and politics. In more recent times, his works are mostly figurative, though still unusual, a little provocative and erotic.

1959-1964 – Hungarian University of Fine Arts, teacher Gyula Hincz


1992 Munkacsy Award


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